July 15, 2024 SBE Special Called Virtual Meeting

July 15, 2024


July 15, 2024

1:00 pm


Livestream link: https://bit.ly/3VPPGOi


I.             Letter of Necessity

II.            Consent Items

                A.            Adoption of Agenda

III.           Action Items (Final Reading – Roll Call Vote on All)

                A.         Residential Mental Health Facilities Emergency Rule 0520-01-20-.02 
                             through -.05   
                             First and final reading of emergency rule revisions to effectuate Public Chapter 884 of the 2024 legislative session. This  tem
                             updates the Residential Mental Health Facilities Rule to align student eligibility and facility requirements with Public                                               Chapter 884 for LEAs to allocate state and local funding to out-of-state residential mental health facilities under certain                                       conditions.
                                             Redline Version

IV.          Adjournment

This meeting will be conducted electronically and will include board members participating by electronic means of communication. Information regarding public participation in the meeting can be obtained in the Board Meetings policy here.

                                                                                          REMAINING MEETING DATES FOR 2024:

                                                                                                               August 16, 2024
                                                                                                           November 22, 2024