February 16, 2024 SBE Meeting

February 16, 2024


February 16, 2024

9:00 am


Tennessee Board of Regents 1 Bridgestone Park Nashville, TN 37214 Livestream link: https://bit.ly/41SmXcV


Welcome and Comments

I.             Consent Items

               A.            Adoption of Agenda

               B.            Minutes from October 6, 2023 Special Called
                              WebEx Meeting, and November 3, 2023 SBE

               C.           Teacher License Discipline Settlement Approvals    
                              An item to approve settlements on four licensure
                              actions as recommended by State Board attorneys.

               D.           Master Plan Supplement     
                              An item to update the historical data included in the Master Plan’s companion document based on results from the 2022-                                  23 school year.

               E.           2024 SBE November Quarterly Meeting Date    
                             An item to change the November quarterly meeting date.

 II.          Automatic Teacher License Actions

               A.          Automatic Teacher License Actions – Revocation & Permanent Revocation   
                             Item to approve automatic licensure revocation actions as recommended by State Board attorneys.

III.          Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) License Actions

               A.          Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) Defaults    
                             Item to approve automatic licensure suspension actions as recommended by State Board attorneys.

IV.          Teacher License Discipline Actions

               A.          Stephanie Abshire – Suspension, Eighteen (18) Months with Professional Development            

               B.          Antoinette Adams – Denial with Professional Development Stipulation                 

               C.          Harold Dalton – Suspension, Concurrent with Criminal Probation

               D.          Nicholas Enns – Suspension, Two (2) Years with Proof of Treatment

               E.           Johnathan Haney – Formal Reprimand

               F.           Jonathan Jenkins – Formal Reprimand

              G.           Mary Meacham – Suspension, Two (2) Years with Proof of Treatment 

              H.           Nelson Milsaint – Denial with Stipulation 

              I.             LeaAnn Morris – Formal Reprimand

              J.             Jadon Richmond-Ringersma – Suspension, Two (2) Years with Proof of Treatment

              K.           Jonathan Stovall – Denial  

              L.            Annette Vaughn – Formal Reprimand

              M.          Madison Young-Stroope – Voluntary Surrender

V.          Action Items (First Reading)

              A.           Special Education Programs and Services Rule 0520-01-09-.12, -.18, and -.19     
                             First reading of item to revise the requirement of which items are to be included in the first IEP in effect when a student                                     turns 14 years old and to update the rule to align to state law regarding processes regarding filing a complaint or the                                           hearing of a complaint.

              B.            Literacy and Specialty Area Standards for Educator Preparation Policy 5.505     
                             First reading of item to add Agriscience 6-12 program components, revise special Education program components, and                                     clarify alignment of standards in the health and physical education program component.

              C.            Standards Review Policy 3.209      
                              First reading of item of an item to align policy with T.C.A. § 49-1-311 and to codify timelines for the Department of                                                  Education’s review of specific standards.

              D.            Graduation Requirements Rule 0520-01-03-.06              
                              First reading of item to revise requirements related to mathematics, state diploma distinctions, and to clarify credits                                            awarded for specific courses.

               E.            Uniform Grading System Rule 0520-01-03-.02   
                               First reading of item to revise the percentage point increase for Dual Enrollment courses for the purpose of calculating                                       semester average grades beginning in the 2024-25 school year.

               F.             Hearing Procedures and Public Meetings Rule 0520-09-01       
                               First reading of an item to re-name the rule chapter and create a new rule governing requests to speak at State Board                                         meetings.

VI.          Action Items (Final Reading)   

               A.             Non-Public Schools Approval Process Rule 0520-07-02     
                               Final reading of item to revise various sections of the Non-Public Schools Approval Process Rule  to address stakeholder                                     feedback and to  align the rule  with recent legislation.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

               B.             Alternative Education Programs Policy 2.302 Repeal    
                               Final reading of item to repeal Alternative Education Policy 2.302. There have been no changes to this item since first                                           reading.

               C.            Educator Licensure Policy 5.502     
                               Final reading of item to clarify that assessment timelines and expectations for licensure reactivation are detailed in                                               Department of Education guidance and clarify that an educator who holds a major aligned to a qualifying endorsement                                     can both renew and advance a license without the associated specialty area content assessment. This item also includes                                   additional clarifications related to Specialty Area Content Assessments.  There have been minor changes  to this item                                           since first reading.

                D.           Educator Licensure Rule 0520-02-03-.03 through -.07, -.10, and -.13      
                               Final reading of item to revise various sections of the Educator Licensure Rule 0520-02-03 to clarify the requirements for                                     all educator license types to ensure alignment across license types, and ensures requirements for license issuance,                                               renewal, advancement, and reactivation are clearly defined. There have been minor clerical revisions to this item since                                       first reading.

                E.           Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy 5.105         
                               Final reading of item to revise the endorsements section of the policy to allow an educator to add an endorsement by                                         holding a major in a qualifying middle or secondary core academic or World Languages endorsement and clarifies that                                       candidates holding a practitioner-level license enrolled in job-embedded program shall complete all program                                                         requirements prior to adding additional endorsements to the practitioner license.  There has been one change to this                                         item since first reading.

                F.            Promotion and Retention Rule 0520-01-03-.16    
                               Final reading of item to update the Promotion and Retention Rule to align with Chapter 338 of the  Public Acts of 2023                                         and  update the appeals  process criteria and timeline. Revisions between first and final reading were made to remove the                                 criteria for a ground 1 appeals.

                G.           Promotion and Retention Policy 3.300            
                               Final reading of item to revise Promotion and Retention Policy 3.300 to detail the definition of 4th grade TCAP adequate                                     growth and align the policy with Chapter 338 of the Public Acts of 2023. Revisions were made between first and final                                           reading clarify how adequate growth is determined for students whose individual growth target is less than 1%.

                H.           Charter Schools Rule 0520-14-01      
                               Final reading of item to clarify requirements for an amended charter school sponsor application, the process for                                                   allocation of state and local funds to charter schools, and to align charter school enrollment preferences with statutory                                       changes from Chapter 206 of the Public Acts of 2023.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                I.             Graduation Substitutions Policy 3.103       
                               Final reading of item to clarify that a student may complete their required 4th credit of math and 3rd credit of science at                                     any point during high school provided that they meet the course requirements outlined in rule.  There have been                                                 changes to this item to clarify JROTC course substitutions since first reading. 

                 J.            Tennessee Academic Standards for Social Studies    
                               Final reading of proposed standards for K-12 social studies, following comprehensive public feedback, review by an                                             Educator Advisory Team, and final recommendations from a gubernatorially and legislatively appointed Standards                                               Recommendation Committee.  Changes have been made between first and final reading following a special called                                               meeting of the Standards Recommendation Committee on January 30, 2024.
                                              Attachment 1 - Executive Summary                                                                  Attachment 3 -  Standards
                                              Attachment 2 - Crosswalks                                                 

                 K.          Educator Preparation Providers (EPP)/Specialty Area Program Approvals (SAP) Approvals              
                               First and final reading of item to recommend approval status of certain EPPs and specialty area programs.
                                             Attachment 1 - TSU                                                                                     Attachment 3 - Maryville College
                                             Attachment 2 -  Johnson University                                                        Attachment 4 - Hamilton County Schools

                 L.           Health Education Standards    
                               First and final reading of item to incorporate certain standards that were inadvertently deleted between first and final                                         reading at a previous State Board meeting.
                                           Attachment 1 -  Grades K-5                      Attachment 2 - Grades 6-8                      Attachment 3 - Grades 9-12

                 M.          Reward School Designations      
                                First and final reading of item to present 2022-23 Reward Schools.
                                          Letter of Necessity

                  N.          Exemplary District Designations      
                                First and final reading of item to present 2022-23 Exemplary Districts.
                                          Letter of Necessity

                  O.          In Need of Improvement District Designations            
                                First and final reading of item to present in 2022-23 In Need of Improvement Districts.
                                          Letter of Necessity

                  P.           Authorizer Evaluation Reports     
                                First and final reading of to approve the results of the 2023 charter authorizer evaluation for Hamilton County Schools,                                        Knox County Schools, and Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

VII.            Other Business

VIII:          Adjournment

                                                                                                       MEETING DATES FOR 2024:

                                                                                                                    May 31, 2024    
                                                                                                                  August 16, 2024    
                                                                                                              November 15, 2024