October 6, 2023 SBE Special Called Meeting

October 6, 2023


October 6, 2023

1:00 pm


Live stream link: https://bit.ly/3t8wvU1


I.               Letter of Necessity

II.              Consent Items (Roll Call Vote)

                 A.            Adoption of Agenda    

III.            Report Items

                 A.            A-F Letter Grade Rating System for Schools          
                                A report from the Department of Education on
                                implementation updates of the A-F Letter Grade rating system.

IV.            Action Items (Final Reading – Roll Call Vote)

                 A.           2022-23 Annual Performance Goals/Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)    
                                First and final reading of 2022-23 Annual Performance Goals/Annual Measurable Objectives.  
                                Attachment 1 - Districts                                        Attachment 2 - Schools

V.             Adjournment

This meeting will be conducted electronically and will include board members participating by electronic means of communication. Information regarding public participation in the meeting can be obtained in the Board Meetings policy here.