August 11, 2022 SBE Special Called WebEx Meeting

August 11, 2022


August 11, 2022

9:00 am


WebEx: URL: Password: 5corevalues Meeting Number: 2311 585 1690 Phone: 415-655-0001 Access Code: 2311 585 1690


I.             Statement of Necessity

II.            Consent Items

                A.         Adoption of Agenda

III.           Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA)
                 Rule Recommendation Chapter 0520-12-05
                 (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL)   
  Following discussion with the Department of Education, 
                the Board will vote on a positive, neutral, or negative 
                recommendation on each of the Department’s TISA rules.  Full Rule

                A.         Introduction to TISA Rule 0520-12-05-.01
                B.         Chapter Definitions Rule 0520-12-05-.02
                C.         Base Funding Amount Rule 0520-12-05-.03
                D.         Weighted Allocations Rule 0520-12-05-.04
                E.          Direct Allocations Rule 0520-12-05-.05
                F.          Outcome Bonuses Rule 0520-12-05-.06
                G.         Fast Growth Eligibility and Calculation Rule 0520-12-05-.07
                H.         Local Contribution and Fiscal Capacity Rule 0520-12-05-.08
                I.           Cost Differential Factor Eligibility and Calculation Rule 0520-12-05-.09
                J.           Data Collection, Calculations, and Appeals Rule 0520-12-05-.10
               K.          ADM Calculations Rule 0520-12-05-.11
               L.          Distribution of Funds Rule 0520-12-05-.12
               M.         BEP Transition Funding Rule 0520-12-05-.13
                N.         Educator Salary Increases Rule 0520-12-05-.14 
IV.           Action Items (First Reading)

                A.         Special Education Programs & Services Rule 0520-01-09-.10 & -.11
                             First reading of item to revise the funding requirements in the Special Education Programs and Services Rule to remove
                             references to the Basic Education Programs (BEP) following passage of the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement                                 (TISA) Act.   

                B.         Dyslexia Individualized Learning Plans Rule 0520-01-22
                             First reading of item to create a new rule to outline requirements for LEAs to develop dyslexia individualied learning plans                                 for students identified with characteristics of dyslexia.

                C.         English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs Rule 0520-01-19
                             First reading of item to revise the English as a Second Language Rule to align with the proposed rules for the Tennessee                                     Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) Act.

                D.         Charter Schools - Allocation of State and Local Funds Rule 0520-14-01-.03
First reading of item to revise the Charter Schools Rule to describe how public charter schools will be allocated state and                                     local funds under TISA.                        

                E.         State Approved Textbooks:  Section B (Mathematics)
                            First reading item to approve the preliminary mathematics textbook materials for adoption. 

V.            Action Items (Final Reading)

                A.          Dyslexia Individualized Learning Plans Emergency Rule 0520-01-22
 First and final reading of item to create a new emergency rule to outline requirements for LEAs to develop dyslexia                                              individualied learning plans for students identified with characteristics of dyslexia.

                B.         Resolution 2022-01
                             First and final reading of a resolution in support of Tennessee teachers and educator preparation programs.

IV.           Adjournment


This meeting will be conducted electronically and will include board members participating by electronic means of communication. Information regarding public participation in the meeting can be obtained in the Board Meetings policy here.