March 31, 2022 Annual MIC3 State Council Meeting

March 31, 2022


March 31, 2022

3:00 pm


Conference line: 605-472-5622 Access code: 767218


I. Welcome
Deanna McLaughlin

II. Call the Meeting to Order
Deanna McLaughlin

III. Roll Call/Verify Quorum
Nathan James

IV. Vote to authorize a recording of the meeting to serve as the minutes
Nathan James

V. Introduction of New State Council Members
     A. Sen. Richard Briggs, legislative branch representative
     B. Dr. Angela Huff, Interim Director of Schools, Clarksville Montgomery County Schools

VI. Introduction of School Liaison Officers
     A. Jennifer Lundy, Millington Naval Air Station
     B. Melissa Silva, Fort Campbell, Kentucky

VII. Purpose
Deanna McLaughlin

VIII. Election of State Council Officers
     A. Current State Council Chairman - Deanna McLaughlin
     B. Current State Council Vice-Chairman - Bernard Childress
     C. Current State Council Secretary - Nathan James

IX. Purple Star Schools Award Update
Deb Munis
     A. Schools 2021
          1. Glenellen Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          2. New Providence Middle School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          3. West Creek High School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          4. Westwood Middle School, Manchester, Tennessee
          5. West Creek Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          6. Lakeland Pre School, Lakeland, Tennessee
          7. Moore Magnet STEM School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          8. Lakeland Elementary School, Lakeland, Tennessee
          9. Carpenters Elementary School, Maryville, Tennessee
          10. Upperman High School, Baxter, Tennessee
          11. Morristown-Hamblen East High School, Morristown, Tennessee
          12. Rossview Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          13. Hazelwood Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          14. Oakland Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          15. Kenwood Middle School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          16. Monteagle Elementary School, Monteagle, Tennessee
          17. West Creek Middle School, Clarksville, Tennessee
          18. Woodlawn Elementary School, Clarksville, Tennessee

     B. Approve 2022 Applications

X. MIC3 Tennessee Training Update
Deb Munis

XI. Review of 2020/2021 Tennessee Hot Issues
Deanna McLaughlin

XII. Tennessee Military-Connected Children Stats
Deanna McLaughlin

XIII. National Guard and Reserve Discussion
Deanna McLaughlin

XIV. MIC3 Resources
Deanna McLaughlin

XV. Important Links
Deanna McLaughlin

Deanna McLaughlin

XVII. Public Comments 

XVIII. Open Discussion

XIX. Adjourn