April 12, 2021 SBE Special Called Meeting

April 12, 2021


April 12, 2021

9:00 am


URL: https://bit.ly/3ec7fCI Event number: 185 080 0641 Event password: 5corevalues Phone: 415-655-0003 Access code: 185 080 0641


Welcome and Introductions

Discussion with Commissioner Schwinn: ESSER Grant Updates

I.       Statement of Necessity

II.      Consent Items (Roll Call Vote on All)

          A.       Adoption of Agenda

III.     Final Reading Items (Roll Call Vote on All)

           A.      Educator Evaluation Policy 5.201   
                     Final reading of item to update the educator evaluation policy to
                     align with rule revisions and legislation from the 2021 Special Session.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

           B.      Continuous Learning Plans (CLP) Permanent Rule 0520-01-17
                     Final reading of rule to establish a permanent expectation for districts and public charter schools to maintain CLPs for use in                             the event of emergencies that affect school operations.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

           C.      Summer Learning Program Requirements Emergency Rule 0520-01-03-.14
                     First and final reading of emergency rule 0520-01-03-.14 to establish specific requirements related to summer learning                                       programs in the summer of 2021.

           D.      Requirements as a Result of the COVID-19 Health Emergency, Emergency Rule 0520-02-03-.15
                     First and final reading of rule 0520-02-03-.15 to incorporate flexibility for permits and endorsement exemption waivers for the                         2020-21, pursuant to recently passed legislation.

           E.       Textbook and Instructional Materials Waiver Request:  Clinton City Schools
                      First and final reading of item to consider a textbook and instructional materials waiver request from Clinton City Schools for                            third grade English language arts materials.

IV.      Adjournment