October 29, 2021 SBE Meeting

October 29, 2021


October 29, 2021

9:00 am


The University of Memphis UC Senate Chamber 499 University Street Memphis, TN 38152 WebEx link: https://bit.ly/3oG657V


              Welcome & Introductions

 I.            Consent Items

               A.           Adoption of Agenda

               B.           Minutes from July 23, 2021 Meeting, September
                              28, 2021 SBE Literacy Subcommittee WebEx Meeting,
                             and October 12, 2021 Educator Preparation & Licensure
                             Subcommittee WebEx Meeting

               C.          Basic Education Program (BEP) Review Committee
                             Item to update member appointments to the 2021 BEP
                             Review Committee.

              D.          Licensure Discipline Settlement Approvals          
                            Item to approve settlements on several licensure actions as recommended by State Board attorneys.

II.          Report Items

              A.           SBE Literacy Subcommittee – September 21, 2021     
                             Subcommittee Chair Nate Morrow will provide an oral report on the discussion of the September 21, 2021 Literacy                                               Subcommittee.

              B.           SBE Educator Preparation & Licensure Subcommittee Meeting – October 12, 2021     
                             Subcommittee Chair Lillian Hartgrove will provide an oral report on the discussion of the October 12, 2021 Educator                                             Preparation and Licensure Subcommittee.

III.         Action Items (First Reading)

              A.          LEA Teacher Training Program Rules 0520-02-07    
                           First reading of new rule to establish requirements for LEA Teacher Training Programs pursuant to Public Chapter 571                                         (2021).

              B.         Statewide Dual Credit Course Approval – World History Course Standards     
                           First reading of revisions to course standards for Statewide Dual Credit World History based on revisions provided by the                                   Tennessee Board of Regents.

              C.         Special Education Programs and Services Rule 0520-01-09-.02, .23, and .24    
                           First reading of item to add requirements for conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and developing                                             Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) for students with disabilities.  This item also revises sections of the rule to align with                                         Public Chapter 134 of the 2021 legislative session.

              D.         STEM/STEAM Standards Framework for Grades K-5  
                           First reading of item to approve new and revised K-5 STEM/STEAM course standards which have been created in                                                   collaboration with postsecondary faculty, industry representatives, and K-5 teachers.  These changes will go into effect for                                 the 2022-23 school year.

              E.          Residential Mental Health Facilities Rule 0520-01-20     
                           First reading of item to create new Residential Mental Health Facilities Rules pursuant to Public Chapter 589 of the 2021                                     legislative session.  The rule establishes procedures for approving educational programs or instructional services provided                                 by out-of-state residential mental health facilities.

IV.         Action Items (Final Reading)

              A.         Repeal Charter School Performance Framework     
                           Final reading of item to repeal the Charter School Performance Framework because these duties are being transferred to                                 the Charter School Commission.   There have been no changes to this item since first reading.

              B.         Repeal Charter Amendment and Appeals Rule 0520-14-01-.06      
                           Final reading of item to repeal Rule 0520-14-01-.06 because these duties are being transferred to the Charter School                                           Commission.  There have been no changes to this item since first reading.

              C.         Charter School Governing Body Training Approval Rule 0520-14-01-.07    
                           Final reading of item to revise certain requirements for charter school governing body training programs.  There have                                         been changes to this item since first reading.

              D.         School Board Training Rule 0520-01-02-.11    
                           Final reading of item to revise certain requirements for local school board members’ training  programs.  There have been                                 changes to this item since first reading.

              E.          Career & Technical Education (CTE) Courses and Standards     
                            Final reading of item to revise course standards for several CTE career clusters.   There have been changes to the                                                  Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Career Cluster, the Education and Training Career Cluster, and the Human                                            Services Career Cluster since first reading.
                            Attachment 1                 Attachment 2                 Attachment 3                 Attachment 4                 Attachment 5 
                            Attachment 6                 Attachment 7                 Attachment 8                 Attachment 9                 Attachment 10
                            Attachment 11               Attachment 12              Attachment 13               Attachment 14               Attachment 15
                            Attachment 16               Attachment 17              Attachment 18               Attachment 19               Attachment 20
                            Attachment 21               Attachment 22              Attachment 23               Attachment 24               Attachment 25
                            Attachment 26               Attachment 27              Attachment 28               Attachment 29               Attachment 30
                            Attachment 31               Attachment 32              Attachment 33               Attachment 34               Attachment 35
                             Attachment 36               Attachment 37              Attachment 38               Attachment 39               Attachment 40
                             Attachment 41               Attachment 42              Attachment 43               Attachment 44               Attachment 45
                             Attachment 46               Attachment 47              Attachment 48               Attachment 49               Attachment 50
                             Attachment 51               Attachment 52              Attachment 53               Attachment 54               Attachment 55
                             Attachment 56               Attachment 57              Attachment 58               Attachment 59               Attachment 60
                             Attachment 61               Attachment 62              Attachment 63               Attachment 64               Attachment 65
                             Attachment 66               Attachment 67              Attachment 68

              F.           Organization and Administration of Schools Rule 0520-01-02-.31    
                            Final reading of item to re-establish in rule the requirement for local boards of education to develop and maintain five-year                              strategic plans.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

              G.          Employment Standards for Additional Support Personnel Rule 0520-02-06-.04   
                            Final reading of item to create multiple pathways for individuals  to serve in the role of Speech Language Pathology                                              Assistant (SLPAs).  There have been changes to this item since first reading in February 2021.

              H.          Individualized Education Accounts (IEA) Rule 0520-01-11                                     
                            Final reading of item to modernize and clarify rule language to ensure implementation of the Individualized Education                                        Account (IEA) Program and to provide clarification on statutory requirements.  There have been changes to this item                                            since first reading.

              I.            English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs Rule 0520-01-19-.03 – Identification, Screening, and Service Delivery                                                            Final reading of item to update a change in WIDA’s kindergarten screening instrument. At the beginning of the 2021-22                                        school year, Tennessee LEAs will switch from using the current screener (W-APT) and start using the new screener (WIDA                                    Screener for Kindergarten).  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

              J.            School Health Policies Permanent Rule 0520-01-13-.01      
                            Final reading of item to define requirements for temporary remote instruction for students who are quarantined due to a                                  positive COVID-19 test or COVID-19 exposure in the 2021-22 school year.  There have been minor clerical changes to this                                    item since first reading.

              K.          Virtual Education Permanent Rule0520-01-03-.05    
                           Final reading of item to revise the Virtual Education rule to define the purpose of virtual education programs offered by an                                 LEA or public charter school. The rule ensures that schools have clear guidance on the difference between a virtual                                              education program and a virtual school.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

              L.          Educator Licensure Permanent Rule 0520-02-03-.03 through .05 and .10 through .11     
                           Final reading item to enact the licensure flexibilities created by Public Chapter 125 and 493. Revisions will describe how                                       educators may use a professional license in another state to acquire a professional license in Tennessee without being                                       required to pass assessments.  This item also brings revisions to allow educators to use specific nationally recognized                                         credentials to reactivate a Tennessee School Services Personnel license and presents revisions to create a licensure pathway                             for speech-language pathologist assistants (SLPAs).  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

             M.         Civil Rights Compliance Rule 0520-12-04     
                           Final reading of item to promulgate rules on the department’s Office of Civil Rights  procedures to ensure  compliance  with                               Title VI  of  the Civil  Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.  There have been changes to this                               item since first reading.

             N.          Project SEARCH Course Standards Approval     
                           Final reading of item to approve the course standards for Project SEARCH, an internship program for students with                                             disabilities.  There have been minor clerical changes to this item since first reading.

             O.          Approved High School Courses Policy 3.205        
                           First and final reading of item to add Project SEARCH to the Approved High School Course Policy upon course approval from                             the Board.

             P.           Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy 5.105                                             
                           First and final reading of item to postpone an increase in the required passing score on the edTPA from January 1, 2022 to                                  January 1, 2023.

             Q.          Textbook and Instructional Materials Waiver Requests    
                            First and final reading of LEA requests for Textbook and Instructional Materials Waivers.

             R.           2020-21 State Identified Reward & Priority Exit Schools     
                           First and final reading of 2020-21 Reward schools and schools exiting the Priority list.

             S.           2020-21 State Identified Exemplary Districts      
                           First and final reading of 2020-21 Exemplary districts.

V.         Teacher License Actions

             A.          Caleb Bullock – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

             B.          Rachelle Clark – Revocation/Voluntary Surrender

             C.          Michael Davis – Revocation, Automatic

             D.         John Decker – Suspension, 2 Years with Professional Development

             E.         Kevin Dever – Suspension, 1 Month

             F.         Ashley Hayes – Suspension, 6 Months Retroactive

             G.        Catherine Hilton – Suspension, 3 Years Concurrent with Probation

             H.        Holland Hilton – Suspension, 3 Years Concurrent with Probation

             I.           Ashley Hobbs – Suspension, 2 Years with Proof of Treatment

             J.           Brock Jones – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

            K.          Kathleen Margrave – Suspension, 2 Years with Proof of Treatment

            L.          Anna Pittman – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

            M.         James Sales – Restoration   

            N.         Randy Stokes – Denial with Stipulation

            O.         Ryan Trotter – Suspension, 2 Years Concurrent with Probation

            P.          Erica Wilson - Denial

V.        Adjournment