May 4, 2020 Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3) TN Annual State Council Conference Call Meeting

May 4, 2020


May 4, 2020

1:00 pm


Conference Line: 605-472-5622 Access Code: 767218


1. Welcome – Deanna McLaughlin

2. Call the Meeting to Order – Deanna McLaughlin

3. Roll Call/Verify Quorum – Nathan James

4. Introduction of New State Council Members - Deanna McLaughlin

a. Captain Al Ross, USN Commanding Officer, Naval Support Activity Mid-South
b. Colonel Jeremy Bell, USA Garrison Commander, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
c. Dr. John Combs, Superintendent, Tipton County Schools
d. James Bo Griffin, Director of Schools, Millington Municipal Schools
e. Dr. Ted Horrell, Superintendent, Lakeland School System

5. Introduction of School Liaison Officers – Deanna McLaughlin

a. Jennifer Lundy, Millington Naval Air Station
b. Melissa Silva, Fort Campbell Kentucky

6. Purpose – Deanna McLaughlin

7. Election of State Council Officers – Deanna McLaughlin

a. State Council Chairman - Deanna McLaughlin
b. State Council Vice Chairman - Bernard Childress
c. State Council Secretary - Nathan James

8. Purple Star Schools Award Update – Deb Munis

9. MIC3 Tennessee Training Update – Deb Munis

10. Review of 2019/2020 Tennessee Hot Issues – Deanna McLaughlin

a. Class Ranking for High School Seniors
b. Residency Eligibility for Tennessee - Lottery, Scholarships and Programs

i. SB1580/HB1834

11. Tennessee Military-Connected Children Stats – Deanna McLaughlin

12. Review of SBE MIC3 Tennessee Site – Nathan James

13. MIC3 Resources – Deanna McLaughlin

14. Important Links – Deanna McLaughlin

15. Purple Up Highlights – Deanna McLaughlin

16. Open Discussion - Deanna McLaughlin

17. Adjourn - Deanna McLaughlin