November 6, 2020 SBE Meeting

November 6, 2020


November 6, 2020

9:00 am


WebEx Meeting


Statement of Necessity

 I.             Consent Items (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

                 A.            Adoption of Agenda

                 B.            Approval of Minutes from July 24, 2020 Meeting,
                                August 17, 2020 Meeting, September 21, 2020
                                Meeting, September 30, 2020 SBE Educator 
                                Preparation and Licensure Subcommittee Meeting,
                                and October 8, 2020 SBE Testing and Accountability
                                Subcommittee Meeting.

 II.            Action Items (First Reading – ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

                 A.            Educator Diversity Policy 5.700   
                                First reading item to create a policy required by T.C.A. § 49-1-302.  The policy includes parameters for LEAs to 
                                set goals related to educator diversity, LEA strategies to retain and recruit minority educators, and monitoring
                                requirements for the Department.

                 B.            English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs Rule 0520-01-19  
                                First reading of item to move the majority of components of ESL Policy 3.207 into a newly created ESL Program rule in                                        accordance with Public Chapter 929 of 2018. 

                 C.            Standards for School Administered Child Care Programs Rule 0520-12-01-.10
                                 First reading of item to add new child abuse reporting requirements  pursuant to T.C.A. § 49-1-1601.

                 D.            Special Education Programs and Services Rule 0520-01-09 
                                 First reading of item to provide revisions based on recent statutory changes and to clearly delineate between                                                         homebound placement for special education purposes and medical homebound as defined in the Homebound Rule.

                 E.            Homebound Instruction Rule 0520-01-02-.10    
                                First reading of item to provide revisions to clearly delineate between homebound placement for special education                                              purposes and medical homebound as defined in this rule.

                 F.            Administrative Rules – State Special Schools Rule 0520-04-03   
                                First reading of item to revise admission and eligibility requirements for the Tennessee School for the Blind (TSB) and the                                    Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD) from permissive to mandatory if students meet eligibility requirements.

                 G.           License Denial, Formal Reprimand, Suspension, and Revocation Policy 5.501   
                                First reading of item to revise this policy with recent statutory changes and other procedural updates.

                 H.           School Board Member Training Rule 0520-01-02-.11    
                                First reading of item to update provisions for the training of local school board members.

                  I.            Tennessee Academic Standards for Mathematics     
                                First reading of item to revise the Tennessee Academic Standards for Mathematics in alignment with the standards                                              review cycle established in T.C.A. § 49-1-311 through 314.  Revised standards will take effect in the 2023-24 school year, if                                    approved.

                 J.            Charter School Amendment Appeals Rule 0520-14-01-.06   
                               First reading of rule that clarifies the timeline of when a chartering authority must submit to a charter school its grounds                                   for denial of a charter amendment application. 

III.             Action Items (Final Reading – ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

                  A.          Mission Statement & Vision Policy 1.000  
                                Final reading of item to update the State Board Mission Statement Policy to align with revisions to the five-year strategic                                      goals and Master Plan. There have been no changes to this item since first reading.

                  B.          Textbook and Instructional Materials Waiver Permanent Rule 0520-01-18    
                                Final reading of new rule to establish a process for the State Board to review textbook and instructional material waiver                                      requests from LEAs pursuant to Public Chapter 770 of 2020.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                  C.          Educator Licensure Rules 0520-02-03-.09 and 0520-02-03-.12  
                                Final reading of items to update rules regarding reporting of licensure actions for individuals teaching on permits as well                                    as other recent statutory changes.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                  D.          Technical Revisions to Tennessee Social Studies Standards    
                                Final reading of technical, non-substantive changes to the state social studies standards.  There have been no changes                                        to this item since first reading.

                  E.           Board Meetings Policy 1.400    
                                Final reading of revisions to policy to add textbook and instructional materials waiver requests to list of items that may be                                  approved on only one reading.  There have been no changes to this item since first reading.

                  F.           Career & Technical Education (CTE) Course Standards   
                                Final reading of new and revised standards for several CTE clusters.  There have been no changes to this item since first                                     reading.
                                     Attachment 1                              Attachment 12                                Attachment 23
                                     Attachment 2                              Attachment 13                                Attachment 24
                                     Attachment 3                              Attachment 14                                Attachment 25
                                     Attachment 4                              Attachment 15                                Attachment 26
                                     Attachment 5                              Attachment 16                                Attachment 27
                                     Attachment 6                              Attachment 17                                Attachment 28
                                     Attachment 7                              Attachment 18                                Attachment 29
                                     Attachment 8                              Attachment 19                                Attachment 30
                                     Attachment 9                              Attachment 20                                Attachment 31
                                     Attachment 10                            Attachment 21                                Attachment 32
                                     Attachment 11                            Attachment 22

                  G.          Career & Technical Education (CTE) Rule 0520-01-07-.01   
                                Final reading of item to revise CTE rule to align requirements to Perkins V legislation and the Strengthening Career and                                        Technical Education in Tennessee Perkins State Plan.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                  H.          Educator Licensure Policy 5.502     
                                Final reading of policy that recommends pedagogical and content assessment requirements for a new Mathematics 6-10                                  endorsement and proposes revisions to postpone the increase in edTPA cut scores for one year to allow additional time                                    for EPPs to refine practices and support student success.  There have been changes to this item since first reading.

                  I.            Charter Schools Rule 0520-14-01 
                                Final reading of rule that clarifies the timeline of when a chartering authority must submit to a charter school sponsor its                                    grounds for a denied or amended application.  Only grammatical and technical revisions have been made to this item                                        since first reading. 

                  J.            Evaluations Rule 0520-02-01    
                                Final reading of item that revises Evaluation Rule 0520-02-01 to include guidelines and criteria related to educator                                                evaluation that are currently only included in Evaluation Policy 5.201 pursuant to Public Chapter 929.   There were slight                                      clerical edits made between first and second reading to ensure consistency in the use of definitions, and to include l                                            language requiring the department to monitor observation scores for misalignment between achievement and                                                    observation scores. 

                 K.           Public Virtual Schools Rule 050-01-03-.03 
                                Final reading of item that clarifies reporting and monitoring requirements for Public Virtual Schools, and clarifies the                                            conditions under which a public virtual school may increase enrollment over the class size maximum, and clarifies that                                      remote instruction provided pursuant to an approved CLP shall be considered a virtual education program.  There have                                      been changes to this item since first reading.

                 L.            School and Student Health Services Rule 0520-01-13    
                                Final reading of item that creates the School and Student Health Services Rule, which will combine requirements related                                    to school and student health into one central rule.  There has been one change to this item since first reading. 

                 M.          Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) for 2020-21   
                                First and final reading of the AMOs for the 2020-21 school year.

                 N.           Additional Local Education Agency (LEA) COVID-19 Requested Waivers    
                                First and final reading of waivers of state laws and State Board of Education rules and policies requested by LEAs due to                                      the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

                 O.           Academic Program Requirements Emergency Rule 0520-01-03-.03   
                                First and final reading of item to allow LEAs the flexibility to set the percentage of student grades for which end-of-course                                  exams count as between zero and 25 percent.

                 P.            Continuous Learning Plans (CLP) Remote Instruction Textbook and Instructional Materials Local Education Agency (LEA) Waivers                                    List                       
                                First and final reading of item to approve the use of textbooks and instructional materials not on the list approved by the                                    State Board and State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission for periods of remote learning only,                                            during the 2020-21 school year, if contained in LEAs' approved continuous learning plans.

                 Q.           Continuous Learning Plans (CLP) Emergency Rule 0520-01-17-.01    
                                First and final reading of item to ensure that approved CLPs remain in effect through the 2020-21 school year.

                 R.           Charter School Local Education Agency (LEA) Restraint and Isolation (Special Education) Policy 6500   
                                First and final reading to add a new charter school LEA policy regarding restraint and isolation procedures.  This item only                                  affects State Board-authorized charter schools.

IV.           Teacher License Actions (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

                A.            Serena Cooper – Suspension, 2 years

                B.            Clinton Cummings – Suspension, 2 years

                C.            John Demerdjian – Suspension, 3 months

                D.            Billy Ray Duncan – Restoration

                E.            Joseph Francis - Denial

                F.            Paul Gubala – Formal Reprimand

                G.           Joseph Gudger – Suspension, 22 months

                H.           Rowdy Jones – Voluntary Surrender

                I.             Matt Kilgore – Voluntary Surrender

                J.            Kristin Roberts – Suspension, 1 year

               K.           Emma Schou – Suspension, 1 year

               L.           Angelia Stang – Voluntary Surrender

              M.          Richard Tyson – Voluntary Surrender

V.           Resolutions

               A.          Resolution by the State Board of Education
                             First and final reading of a resolution by Mr. Nich Darnell regarding state assessment for the 2020-21 school year.

VI.           Adjournment