September 21, 2018 SBE Conference Call Meeting

September 21, 2018


September 21, 2018

2:00 pm


Conference Call (563) 999-1028 Access Code: 546661


                Welcome & Introductions

 I.             Statement of Necessity

II.            Consent Items

                A.            Adoption of Agenda

III.          Action Items (Final Reading)

               A.            State Identified Priority Schools
                               First and final reading of the state's 2018 Priority schools.

               B.           State Identified Reward Schools
                              First and final reading of the state's 2018 Reward schools.

               C.            Districts Identified as in Need of Improvement
First and final reading of the state's 2018 Districts in Need of Improvement.

               D.            Districts Identified as Exemplary
First and final reading of the state's 2018 Exemplary districts.

               E.            Board Members Policy 1.200  
                              Final reading of an item to update policy to reflect legislative and procedural changes.  There have been no changes since                                  first reading.

               F.            Board Meetings Policy 1.400
                              Final reading of item to update Board meeting policy in accordance with recent legislation.  There have been changes since                                first reading.

               G.            Uniform Grading Policy 3.301   
                               Final reading of item to remove the requirement that students sit for the aligned exams for early postsecondary courses                                   in order to receive additional quality point on a local grading policy.  There have been changes since first reading.                                   
               H.             Basic Education Program (BEP) Allocations for Fiscal Year 2018-19
                                First and final reading of BEP allocations for Fiscal Year 2018-19.
                                Attachment 1                Attachment 2

               I.             Charter Schools Annual Authorizer Fee, Rule 0520-14-01-.05
                               Final reading of item to align authorizer fee practices to the 2017 High Quality Charter Schools Act.  Since first reading                                         changes have been made based on fedback received from charter school authorizers and charter school operators.

               J.             Minimum Requirements for the Approval of Public Schools, Rule 0520-01-03                    
 Final reading of update rule to align with legislation passed during the 2018 legislative session and to make additional                                          minor clarifications.  Since first reading the required English III and Chemistry end-of-course exams have been eliminated                                 per the recommendation of the Assessment Task Force.

IV.          Member Questions and Comments

V.           Adjournment