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Modernization Project Resources

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) is launching a series of modernized systems to aid Child Care and Adult Day Services Providers in working with our agency. For Providers, we are launching a Provider Portal and a Mobile App they can use with their Customers. For our Staff, we are launching a Staff Portal and a Billing and Payments System. These new systems will increase business efficiencies and help our Providers and Staff complete critical tasks.

Modernization Project Site Support Team Contact Information

Have a question or need help solving a problem? Call us! Our team is available Monday to Friday through February 11, 2022, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time to answer any questions you have on our new systems. Simply join our Zoom link below or call us using the Dial-In Number, Meeting ID, and Password. We look forward to speaking with you!

TDHS is hosting a series of Townhalls to help Providers understand how to use these modernized systems. Please visit the links below to access replays of these Townhalls.

Quick Reference Guides, or QRGs, are short, instructional guides that walk Providers through completing critical tasks. These guides contain step-by-step instructions paired with screenshots to guide users through modernized systems.

This User Guide provides detailed explanations of all functionality within the Provider Portal, Provider Mobile App, and Customer Mobile App.

User Guide_Provider Portal_01-20-2022

The following How-To Videos serve as tutorials for completing critical tasks within our modernized systems. Each video walks users through step-by-step instructions of associated tasks.

The Modernization Monthly newsletter series provides Child Care and Adult Day Services Providers with monthly updates on the Modernization Project. Additionally, each newsletter contains a “Functional Spotlight” to highlight critical features of our modernized systems.

April 2021
This newsletter introduced Providers to the Modernization Project and began discussing the new Time and Attendance System.

June 2021
This newsletter gave some highlights on the Modernization Project and discussed the new Mobile Apps.

July 2021
This newsletter introduced the new Provider Portal and Billing and Payments System for TDHS Staff.

August 2021
This newsletter discussed Provider Townhalls which will help promote Providers’ understanding of the new systems as well as introduced the plan for a Pilot Program when new systems are released.

October 2021
This newsletter further discussed the Time and Attendance System and how Providers can import/add their own Time and Attendance to the Provider Portal. It also discussed updated to the Modernization Project’s timeline.

December 2021
This newsletter introduced the plan for our first system release and Pilot Program, as well as how Electronic Attendance Verifications, or EAVs, and payments features can be accessed in the Provider Portal.

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