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Community Rehabilitation Providers

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is responsible for providing vocational rehabilitation services to eligible individuals with disabilities in Tennessee in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and rules.  Some services, because of their unique nature, are best provided by Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRP).  VR has developed the CRP Services Guide to inform and guide the Community Resource Provider (CRP). The purpose of the CRP Best Practices Guide is to define available VR services, establish minimum provider service delivery expectations, rates, reports, and qualification preferences of the Community Rehabilitation Provider for the provision of high quality rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities.  

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General Information

Contact Information

VR Points of Contact


CRP Services Guide

CRP Master List

CRP Services Guide

Combined CRP List 3/25/2021


Vocational Assessments

Client Progress Reports

Basic Assessments Report

Integrated Work Site Assessment Report

Integrated Work Site Assessment Summary

Job Sampling Assessment Report

Job Shadowing Assessment Report

Work Readiness Assessment Report


Vocational Adjustment

Client Progress Reports

Vocational Adjustment Progress Report

Individualized Written Adjustment Plan


 Trial Work Experiences

Client Progress Reports

Trial Work Report


Job Readiness/Job Placement

Client Progress Reports

Job Readiness Report

Job Placement Activity Plan

Hire Report


 Job Coaching

Client Progress Reports

Job Coaching (non SE) Progress Report


Supported Employment

Client Progress Reports

Supported Employment Consultation Services Plan

Supported Employment client Monthly Progress Report

Hire Report

Extended Service Plan

 Supported Employment Intensive Job Services Request


Individual Placement and Support

Client Progress Reports

Individual Placement and Support Career Profile

Hire Report

Extended Support Plan—Individual Placement and Support & Supported Employment

Individual Placement and Support Client Monthly Progress Report

Individual Placement and Support Job End Report

Supported Employment Intensive Job Services Request


Customized Employment

Customized Employment Client Monthly Progress Report

Customized Employment Discovery Report

Customized Employment Job Development Plan

Hire Report


Project SEARCH®

Project SEARCH Monthly Progress Report


Reference Materials

Customized Employment Matrix

Vocational Assessment Quick Reference Chart

Job Placement Quick Reference Chart

Employment Services Matrix

IPS SE Flow Chart

SE Flowchart

VR 101 Services Guide Edition 2-4-2020

Staff Roster

Definitions of Vocational Rehabilitation Related Terms 

VR Individual Placement and Support SE Responsibilities Flowchart 11-01-2019

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