OCJP Grants Manual

This information is provided for use by all subrecipient staff receiving grant funds administered by the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs (OCJP).  This Guide is to serve as reference for the financial and programmatic requirements/responsibilities of projects funded through the OCJP. Subrecipients of federal grants must adhere to all requirements in the  applicable OMB Circulars and Common Rules (Appendix T), the DOJ Grants Financial Guide, the OMB Uniform Guidance, the 2020 Compliance Supplement, the 2021 Compliance Supplement Addendum, the 2022 Compliance Supplement Addendum, and the 2023 Compliance Supplement Addendum depending on the federal award funding the grant.   

For the OCJP Grants Manual PDF Version Click Here   **Please note: The OCJP Grants Manual is a dynamic document, which is updated frequently.  A downloaded or printed version may not contain the most up-to-date information. OCJP highly recommends searching the live PDF with the Ctrl + F function. Also, fund source specific requirements are not listed in the PDF version. To review the requirements, please select Fund Source Chapter and the appropriate fund source. If you are unsure of your contract’s fund source, please contact your Program Manager.                    

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