Office of Criminal Justice Programs

William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 18th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243-1102

Organizational Chart


Jennifer Brinkman, OCJP Director, 615-253-2037

Daina Moran, Deputy Director, 615-253-8758


Jeremiah Morton, Assistant Director Programs, 615-313-5764

Susan French, Program Supervisor 615-532-5822

Valerie Steakley, Program Manager, 615-253-7328

Susan Canon, Program Manager, 615-532-0058

Claire Wisely, Program Manager, 615-360-0374

Nicole Bridges, Program Manager, 615-231-5426

Amy Baynes, Program Supervisor, 615-532-2988

Gary Lee, Program Manager, 615-532-2898

Annie Farris, Program Manager, 615-360-4203

Trish Davis, Program Supervisor, 615-253-4123

Katie Davis, Program Manager, 615-741-4185

Kimberly Casillas, Program Manager, 615-253-2615

Renee Howell, Program Supervisor, 615-741-4283

Shantrelle Johnson, Contractor, 615-253-8842

Sonalie Cornett,  Contractor, 615-770-3810

Melaine Fowler, Contractor, 615- 770-5447

Mike Holt, Contractor, 615-248-4654

Maranda Y. Wilson, Contractor, 615-253-0631


Wendy Heath , Assistant Director Fiscal, 615-741-9821

Robin Anderson, Fiscal Manager, 615-532-2986

Jakob Webster, Contractor, 615-741-1274

Tamica Trice, Fiscal Manager, 615-741-2415

Teresa Sneed,  Sr. Auditor, 615-626-7495

Jennifer Hicks, Auditor, 731-217-2975

Sophia Massey, Auditor, 615-532-3756

Mark A. Utley, Auditor, 615-741-1952

Quality Assurance

Ronald G. Williams, Assistant Director QA, 615-770-3986

Renee Tavares, Program Manager Compliance, 615-253-1953

Nathan Ward, Program Manager, Quality Assurance, 615-253-9957

Strategic Planning

Jessica Cleveland, Assistant Director of Special Projects, 615-770-3998

Alzena H. Bason, Contractor, 615-770-0070

Research and Evaluation

Brandy Eaton, Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation, 615-532-1288

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