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Office of Consulting Services (OCS)


In August 2011 the Tennessee Department of Finance & Administration Office of Consulting Services (OCS) began to prepare people throughout state government to adopt LEAN principles in the state's continuous improvement efforts. LEAN is a philosophy and a set of tools which help agencies focus on business processes to maximize customer value while minimizing roadblocks. OCS offers training on LEAN thinking to teach participants the basic components of the LEAN toolbox and prepare them to identify process improvement opportunities in their own agencies and to facilitate LEAN events. A monthly roundtable to enable LEAN practitioners to network and extend their learning about LEAN supplements the training. OCS also facilitates LEAN events within F&A and is available to support state agencies interested in conducting their own events. Contact OCS for more information about the LEAN effort.

About the Office of Consulting Services

The Office of Consulting Services (OCS) offers practical, data-driven support to state agencies at no cost to the client agency. Established in July 2004, we provide customized support for a range of management issues with a focus on organizational and process improvement. Our services are tailored to your specific needs, and may be limited to a specific, short-term need, or could involve a more extended engagement.