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Grant Applications

The Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs (OCJP) announces grant opportunities on this webpage. 

 How to Write an Application: Project Narrative Overview *NOTE: This Power Point  was used during a live WebEx training. Some slides may lack specific context without the addition of the webinar live recording. OCJP is working to publish the training in its entirety as soon as possible. Once published that training will be available under the Grants Management Resources section of our website.


Upcoming Funding Opportunities


The purpose of this solicitation is to seek projects which seek to reduce the prevalence of violent crime, particularly gun-crime, by identifying Significant Violent Offenders and targeting them for federal or state prosecution.

Preference will be given to projects that assist with coordinating Significant Offender Lists (“SOLs”) throughout the district as continued collaboration and intelligence sharing is key to attacking the violent crime problems in our district. As the significant offenders are now traveling throughout not only different parts of a city or county but the entire district now, we believe that focusing on the offenders rather than the  geographic areas or neighborhoods makes the most sense.

Preference will be given to projects which include “gun teams” to follow up on all gun cases and NIBIN hits.

Preference will be given to projects which promote standardized techniques, such as questionnaires, to enhance law enforcement’s capability to interview individuals who unlawfully possess firearms.


Eligible subrecipients are limited to local law enforcement agencies whose primary jurisdiction falls within the United States District Court for the Eastern District ot Tennessee.

Preference will be given to agencies which can provide up-to-date and relevant statistics related to violent crime and gun-violence in their jurisdiction including: (1) The number of violent crimes that have been reported; (2) The number of gun-related crimes that have been reported; (3) The number of potential offenders involved in these crimes; and (4) Relevant prosecution statistics for these cases.

Preference will be given to agencies who can provide a mean of collecting and examining relevant data throughout the life of the project in order to assess project effectiveness.

Intent to Apply: 7/31/2019

Applications Due: 8/16/2019

This Page Last Updated: August 13, 2019 at 9:04 AM