IX. Travel, Conferences, and Meetings


All expenditures for travel should be substantiated by travel vouchers which contain the following information:

1.        Name of employee

2.        Travel departure point(s) and destination(s)

3.        Method of travel with documentation

4.        Date and time of departure and return

5.        Signature of employee

6.        Approval signature of project director or supervisor

7.        Grant number

The subrecipient may use any form that provides the above information.  All travel claims must be specifically authorized in the approved budget and must be related to project goals. 


The travel expenditures should be properly documented and the following documentation should be attached to the travel voucher:  

1.        Paid motel/hotel receipts

2.        Paid car rental bill and justification for renting rather than using public  transportation

3.        Airplane fare or other commercial transportation receipt

For travel within Tennessee:

For agencies that already have written travel policies, procedures, and rates, personnel should follow those rates or the Comprehensive Tennessee Travel Regulations Reimbursement Rate Schedulewhichever is lower.

For travel outside Tennessee:

Reimbursement should follow the appropriate out of state CONUS reimbursement rates located here:  http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/21287. Any deviation from the CONUS rates will require prior approval from OCJP.  NOTE:  Some fund sources require prior approval for out of state travel reimbursement.  Please consult with your OCJP Program Manager for more details.

NOTE: Reimbursement for a single meal for employees on a one day travel status is not permitted.

Travel Reimbursement rate: Policy 8  pgs. 11 & 12.

Federal Travel Regulations:  CONUS


Subrecipients with conferences or meetings with speakers compensated with grant funds must complete an OCJP Notification of Speaker Agreement   and submit this documentation to OCJP 15 days prior to the event.

See OCJP Chapter XIII, Procurement of Professional ServicesChapter XIV, Allowable Costs, and Chapter XV,  Unallowable Costs for more information.

4.        Per Chapter III, 3.9 Allowable Costs of the DOJ Grants Financial Guide OJP Specific Tip:

"All contracts under an award funded by OJP awards for events that include 30 or more participants (both Federal and non-Federal) must ensure that lodging costs for any number of attendees do not exceed the prevailing Federal per diem rate for lodging. If the lodging rate is not the Federal per diem rate or less, none of the lodging costs associated with the event are allowable costs to the award. As a result, the recipient would be required to pay for all lodging costs for the event with non-award funds, not just the amount in excess of the Federal per diem. For example, if the Federal per diem for lodging is $78 per night, and the event lodging rate is $100 per night, the recipient would be required to pay the full $100 per night not just the difference of $22 per night."