XVII. Grant Project Revisions & Modifications


    Program revisions may be considered as needed and as requested for changes in the program narrative. The subrecipient must obtain prior written approval from OCJP for any change in program narrative or scope of services.  Program narrative revisions are not automatic. See Chapter XVIII for changes or revisions that would necessitate an amendment.

  2. BUDGET MODIFICATIONS (updated 7/1/2018)

    Agencies may make changes to their project budget through the use of the 20% Rule.  This rule allows for changes to approved budget lines (except for Salaries, Benefits & Taxes, Indirect Cost and In-kind) as long as those changes are for no more than 20% of the line-item total. Prior approval from OCJP is not needed to utilize the 20% Rule except as detailed in the Note below. The agency may utilize the 20% Rule to move funds among approved budget categories providing that:
    1. The cumulative amount that a budget line-item is increased or decreased within a fiscal year cannot exceed 20% of that budget line-item total.
    2. Movement of dollars does not include line-items with zero dollar amounts.
    3. Any increase made to a budget line-item must be off-set by an equal reduction of one or more approved budget line-item(s).
    4. Movement of dollars does not change the project purpose/goals or intended outcomes.
    5. Movement of funds using this process must adhere to all other OCJP grant requirements that may apply.

    Note: Funds may not be moved into or out of Salaries, Benefits & Taxes, Depreciation, Indirect Cost or In-kind Match without prior approval. The request must be accompanied by a copy of the agency’s approved indirect cost rate or approved Cost allocation Plan which includes an indirect rate if altering the indirect costs line and a new depreciation schedule if altering the depreciation line.

    Example: There is $200 in the budget's travel line-item and you want to move more money into the travel line-item. The maximum amount that can be moved into the travel line-item is $40 for the entire fiscal year ($200 x 20% = $40). A separate approved line-item(s) must be reduced by the corresponding $40 and the reduced amount cannot exceed 20% of that line item.

    ** NOTE: Do not change columns of the OCJP Invoice for Reimbursement Form**


    Certain budget items require prior written approval from OCJP before adjusting the budget line-item amount(s) outside the scope of the approved budget.  OCJP will review the requested changes and notify the subrecipient once a determination has been made.  The following budget items must be pre-approved prior to being implemented by the subrecipient:
    1. Salary adjustments (including grant funded staff percentages and salary changes)  - Funds may not be moved into or out of the Salaries, Benefits & Taxes line item without prior approval. 
    2. Overtime
    3. Staffing Changes – if a position is added or deleted from the budget
    4. Capital Purchases
    5. Depreciation – unallowable beginning FY21
    6. Sensitive Minor Equipment – see Chapter X - Property and Equipment of the OCJP Administrative Manual for further details
    7. Furniture
    8. Clothing and/or Uniforms (Exception: Emergency clothing for victims/clients does not require prior approval.)
    9. Meeting room/audio visual services
    10. Indirect Cost – Funds may not be moved into or out of Indirect Cost without prior approval. The request must be accompanied by a copy of the agency’s approved  indirect cost rate or approved Cost allocation Plan which includes an indirect rate.