Hazardous Waste Permitting Fees

Application Fees – Fees are required for new and renewal applications for storage, treatment, and disposal facilities including facilities conducting corrective action and post-closure under permits, orders, or other enforceable documents.

All fees are required prior to application review. Others fees are required prior to review for research, demonstration, and development permits and emergency permits, temporary authorizations, permit modifications, and various plans/assessments.

Form Description Number & Link
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility (TSDF) Application And Other Review Fees CN-1261

Other Non-Annual Review Fees - There are also fees due prior to review for variances or waivers, contained-in determinations, chromium exclusions, and regulatory interpretation requests (including, but not limited to, waste determinations, recycling, exclusions, exemptions, etc.). These fees are also included on Form TSDF-APP above.

Annual Maintenance Fees - Annual maintenance fees are required by March 1 of each year. Annual maintenance fee forms for Treatment, Storage, & Disposal (TSD) facilities, Generators, and Remedial Action are available on our Hazardous Waste and Used Oil Forms page.

Storage and treatment fees include a base fee plus a fee for the facility's constructed design capacity. Land disposal operations have an annual fee base plus a fee based on remaining capacity except for permitted capacity for injection wells. There are also annual fees for post-closure and corrective action related activities.

Hazardous waste tipping fees are paid by permitted treatment, storage, or disposal facilities that receive hazardous wastes from off-site. Certain exemptions apply.

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