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Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box


Eastern Screech-Owl nest box design with instructions

Eastern Screech-Owl nest box plans

Eastern Screech-Owls will also readily nest in Wood Duck boxes.

Eastern Screech-Owls will use the same box design that is recommended for American Kestrels

Box Design

Use natural, uncoated wood such as cedar or redwood which are more durable than pine or exterior plywood. Use at least ¾ inch boards.

The entrance hole should be 3 inches round.

You may consider raising the floor of the nest box ¼ inch up from the bottom of the box to prevent rotting.

Place a couple inches of saw dust or wood chips in the bottom of the box for nesting material.

 Use of a predator guard on the nest pole is recommended.

Box Placement

Nest box should be placed at least 10 feet high on the edge of woods, fields or wetlands.

To prevent use by squirrels, the box should be mounted on a pole with a predator guard and placed away from trees.

Boxes should not be placed in areas where there is extensive use of insecticides and herbicides.

Box Monitoring

Periodically check nest boxes throughout the spring to determine use by Screech-Owls or other wildlife.

Remove European Starling nests as necessary.

Depending on nest box use, replacement of the wood chips after the breeding season may be necessary