Timothy's Story

Timothy's Success Story

Timothy Larsen, Employment and Community First CHOICES (ECF CHOICES) Member

“I used to live on a farm, and I’d be the Dr. Doolittle on the farm,” says Tim.  “I’d be out talking to the cows, or the dogs, cats, chickens, and pigs.”  Tim has always loved working outside and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty – this is what led him to his job working in the garden center at a local hardware store.  Tim is responsible for watering the plants, tidying the plant tables, stocking shelves, displaying seasonal decorations, and helping customers.  His mom, Michelle, shared that Tim’s supervisor raves about what a fantastic employee he is.  Tim’s reliable, hard-working, quickly completes tasks, and you won’t find him hiding behind a shelf on his phone.

Tim’s job success is due in part to services received through the Employment and Community First (ECF) CHOICES program.  With support from ECF CHOICES, Tim has cultivated plants as well as skills to become more independent at work and in his community.  He’s gained more confidence in the kitchen too, honing his cooking skills.  He spends some of his free time at the YMCA playing pickleball, but he loves being outside most of all.  As a natural Eagle Scout, Tim enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.  He also uses some of the money he earns to travel with his family.  Tim’s support staff, along with the encouragement of his parents, have empowered him to try new experiences.

Tim and his family are thankful to have found Employment and Community First CHOICES after moving from Wisconsin to Tennessee a few years ago.  Tim loves his job – where he’s worked since January 2022 – and his coworkers love him, too!  Tim’s mom says, “It gives him the social interaction and that feeling of having a purpose and a reason to get up every morning.”

To learn more about the Employment and Community First CHOICES program, please visit the ECF webpage.