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Standards Review

It benefits our state when all students learn and progress each year to become knowledgeable thinkers, good citizens, and valuable members of our community. Academic standards are an important part of that mission. Standards are the grade- or course-level expectations for what students should know and be able to do.

The State Board of Education is charged under Tennessee statute with setting and approving academic standards. State Board Policy 3.209 requires that the Board review all sets of academic standards at a minimum of every six years. The table below indicates recent and upcoming standards review cycles.

These dates are subject to change based on requests from the Tennessee General Assembly or the Tennessee Department of Education. 

Standards Final Reading at State Board New Standards Implemented in Schools
English Language Arts; Math April 2016


Science; PE/Wellness & Health; Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre Arts, Dance, Media Arts) October 2016


Social Studies; World Languages Social Studies
 July 2017
World Languages  October 2017


Career Technical Education (CTE)              July 2020


Math          February 2021


Science             July 2022


Social Studies              July 2023                             2025-26
English Language Arts              July 2024                             2026-27

You can find additional information about the sets of standards that are currently under review on each of the subpages in this section. With each of these standards revision cycles, our goal is to listen carefully to the people of Tennessee so we can make adjustments while maintaining the high standards that Tennessee students will need to succeed, both now and in the future.

To view a report on the prior standards revision process, please click here for the External Standards Review Report.

For more information regarding standards review, contact: