About the Department

Our Vision

For Tennessee to become a national leader in agriculture and forestry through economic advancement, innovation, and natural resource stewardship by commitment to service, family, farms, and healthy living.

Our Mission

To serve all the citizens of Tennessee by providing options for responsible use of our agricultural and forest resources, developing economic opportunities, safeguarding food and fiber, and ensuring equity in the marketplace.

Key Priorities

  • Agricultural Economic Development – Increase profitability and viability of farms, forests, and agribusinesses which are vital to the state’s rural and overall economy. 
  • Workforce Development, Education, and Collaboration – Expand collaborative partnerships and workforce development initiatives through agricultural education and outreach efforts to increase citizen understanding of the importance of food, farm, and forestry resources statewide.
  • Natural Resources Stewardship and Farm Preservation – Improve farm and forest resources through the support of voluntary practices to enhance forest health, water quality, and soil health.
  • Healthy Living – Develop and support collaborative efforts to improve the health, nutrition, and livelihood of all Tennesseans through agriculture.
  • Effective and Efficient Government – Improve the delivery of department services by streamlining programs and organizational structure.