Skinner Mountain WMA

Directions and Description

Site Directions: Northeast Access: From Fentress County Courthouse, go West on HWY. 52 for 7.5 miles to Boatland Road and turn left; or from Overton County Courthouse, go east on HWY.52 for 20.4 miles and turn right on Boatland Road, travel South on Boatland Road for 1.6 miles and turn right on Skinner Mountain Road and continue for 0.6 miles for the first available access.  Four-wheel drive is recommended for this entrance. 36.38955 -85.04341

Northwest Access: From Fentress County Courthouse, go west on HWY. 52 for 9.9 miles to Manson Road, turn left, and travel south 7.5 miles to Wilson Ridge Road.  Skinner Mountain WMA is on the left side of Wilson Ridge Road. 36.342865 -85.105223

The WMA is open year-round during daylight hours, note hunting seasons.   License fees may apply.  

TWRA Contact Information: Region 3 Office: 1-931-484-9571, Toll-Free:  1-833-402-4698, E-mail the office

Skinner Mountain WMA is a predominately forested area in the Northern Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee.  Skinner Mountain WMA forest’s ecoregional habitat type is Temperate Broadleaf & Mixed Forests and contains rich hardwood coves, upland mixed hardwood forests, sandstone cap rock houses, with some remnant shortleaf pine.  Songbirds in the area include white-eyed vireotufted titmouseEastern towheegolden-crowned kinglet, Eastern phoebered-tailed hawk, and a variety of woodpeckers.

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Regulations & Dates

Hooved animal riding, bicycling, and Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) - use is permitted only by individuals possessing a valid hunting and fishing license and WMA permit or a High Impact Habitat Conservation Permit.  OHVs are permitted from the fourth Saturday in August through the spring squirrel season.

Big game, Small Game, and Trapping - Same as statewide seasons except as noted.

Trapping and Small Game - Close at sunset the day before hog control season.

Wild hogs - may be taken during any deer hunt by legal deer hunters.

Bear - Sept. 28–Oct. 25, 2024. Archery only.  See the bear page details.

Quail - Nov. 2, 2024 - Jan. 15, 2025.

Wild Hog (Control Season - Dogs Permitted) - Jan. 10-12, 2025. No limit, either sex. Only authorized participants are allowed in the area during the Wild Hog Control Season.  All participants in the hog control season must wear on the upper portion of their body and head a minimum of 500 square inches of blaze orange, visible front and back.  Participants may use any legal weapon and ammunition that is legal for taking Deer, Bear, or Elk.

Legal hours - 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

Dog Training - Sept. 1, 2024 - March 15, 2025.