Using Survey 123 to Record Turkey Sightings

The survey period has closed.

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s survey.

The survey will resume next year on June 1st, so check back then to participate again.

Visit to see our wild turkey status reports and summaries of past years’ survey results.

Recording a Turkey Observation

  • record turkeys that you see incidentally while you are outside
  • pull over if you are in a vehicle.  Be Safe !
  • be patient and observe closely; use binoculars
  • know what county you are in
  • submit a survey for each separate observation of turkey(s)
  • submit observations from June 1 through August 31

Filling out the survey form is easy!  You will see instructions and questions prompting you to fill in boxes with details about your sighting. 


Watch this brief walk-through video to get a good understanding of how the form works. 

Having Technical Difficulties?

If you have issues with the survey or the app, send your question to