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Constructability Reviews


The Tennessee Department of Transportation is responsible for an integrated transportation system that provides the opportunity for economic prosperity and a high quality of life for Tennessee’s citizens.  In order for the Department to build fiscally responsible projects and maintain this infrastructure, development of transportation projects requires the combined effort of many resources, functional areas, and partnerships.  As part of the Department’s Strategic Planning, Business Process Re-engineering was initiated to develop and adjust procedures, as needed, to ensure that a quality product is provided.  One such initiative was the development of the Constructability Review.

Recognizing the challenges associated with highway construction, the goal of the Constructability Review is to utilize the expertise of both the Department and outside resources, including the Road Building Industry. This allows the designer to tap into the vast wealth of knowledge and experience available from the construction industry and others alike. A Constructability Review is intended to improve project quality, minimize potential change orders during construction, and provide a buildable and biddable construction bid package.

For questions concerning Constructability Reviews, please contact Jamie Waller by email at or by phone at (615) 741-0784.

As a contractor, how can I participate?

  • Participation in a review is voluntary, non-compensable, and will not prevent you from submitting a bid for the project.  Anything you choose to share will remain in confidence.  Any Contractor that is prequalified with TDOT's Construction Division may request participation by completing and submitting a Letter of Interest to Jamie Waller at

How are projects recommended for a Constructability Review?

  • TDOT staff will conduct site reviews during the preliminary engineering and design phase of all projects.  The determination for the need for a Constructability Review will be made at the site review.
Constructability Review Tentative Date Region County Route PIN Type of Work Meeting Summary
6/14/16 -6/15/16 3 Davidson I-24 113437.00 Bridge Rehabilitation Davidson I-24 Summary
7/5/16 - 7/6/16 1 Knox SR-62 101204.00 Reconstruction Knox SR-62 Summary
7/11/16 - 7/12/16 3 Marshall SR-50 101887.00 Reconstruction Marshall SR-50 Summary
7/19/16 - 7/21/16 2 Cumberland SR-101 100268.00 Reconstruction Cumberland SR-101 Summary
8/24/16 - 8/25/16 4 Henry SR-54 101886.01 Widen Henry SR-54 Summary
11/14/16 - 11/17/16 3 Williamson SR-6 105717.00 Reconstruction Williamson SR-6 Summary
1/25/17-1/26/17 3 Williamson & Maury SR-247 103169.00 Widen Maury SR-247 Summary
9/11/17-9/12/17 4 Shelby SR-57 101645.00 Bridge Replacement Shelby SR-57 Summary
9/20/17-9/21/17 3 Williamson SR-397 101454.01 New Construction Williamson SR-397 Summary
10/12/17-10/13/17 3 Rutherford SR-99 104004.01 Widen Rutherford SR-99 Summary
2/5/18-2/6/18 3 Davidson I-24 123055.00
Modify Interchange Davidson I-24 Summary
2/28/18-3/1/18 1 Unicoi   118727.01
New Construction Unicoi Summary
3/6/18-3/7/18 1 Blount SR-115 101651.01 Widen Blount SR-115 Summary
3/13/18-3/14/18 2 Van Buren SR-285 115008.00 Rock/Slide Mitigation Van Buren SR-258 Summary
4/4/18-4/5/18 1 Knox SR-115 100241.02 Widen Knox SR-115 Summary
4/23/18-4/24/18 4 Shelby SR-4 100339.01 Widen Shelby SR-4 Summary
8/21/18-8/22/18 4 Dyer I-155 107298.02 Bridge Repair Dyer I-155 Summary
12/13/18-12/14/18 1 Knox SR-115 100241.03 Widen Knox SR-115 Summary
1/23/19-1/24/19 1 Unicoi   118727.01 New Construction Unicoi Summary
2/28/19-3/1/19 2 Hamilton I-24 112833.00   Hamilton I-24 Summary
4/29/19-4/30/19 2 Bradley SR-60 101430.01 Reconstruction Bradley SR-60 Summary
5/23/19-5/24/19 2 Hamilton SR-317 112524.01 Reconstruction Hamilton SR-317 Summary
7/1/19-7/2/19 4 Shelby SR-57 101645.00 Bridge Repair Shelby SR-57 Summary
2/12/20-2/13/20 3 Maury I-65/SR-99 115786.00 Modify Interchange Maury I-65/SR-99 Summary
4/23/20-4/24/20 2 Cumberland SR-28 100260.01 Widen Cumberland SR-28 Summary
5/11/20-5/13/20 3 Davidson I-40/SR-255 116896.00 Modify Interchange Davidson I-40/SR-255 Summary

Upcoming Constructability Reviews

Constructability Review Tentative Date Region County Route PIN Type of Work
Spring 2020 4 Shelby I-240 107913.00 Modify Interchange
Winter 2020 4 Shelby SR-4 100339.02 Widen

Frequent Topics

  • Project Phasing & Timing
  • Retaining Wall constructability
  • Utility Relocation & Coordination with other work
  • Railroad Challenges
  • Crane Placement

Common Review Questions

  • Describe each phase of work.
  • What is an appropriate project duration?
  • What are the greatest challenges of the project?
  • Do you have any ideas for implementing innovation to expedite overall job completion?
  • How/where do you plan to place you cranes?