Grundy Co. I-24

Rockfall Mitigation at L.M. 5.6 (Eastbound) (PIN 125383.00)

Review Dates:     June 13th - 14th,  2023

Deadline to Submit Letter of Interest:     June 6th,  2023      


Letter of Interest - Grundy Co. 125383.00 - Constructability Review

Note: Participation in this review is voluntary, non-compensable, and will not prevent you from submitting a bid for the project.  Anything you choose to share will remain in confidence.  Any Contractor that is prequalified with TDOT's Construction Division may request participation by completing and submitting a Letter of Interest to Shawna Smith at


Grundy 125383.00

Project Inventory

Project Length: 0.946 miles
Design Speed: 55 mph
Traffic Volume: ADT 25,590 (2023); ADT 35,830 (2043)
Rockfall Mitigation Activities: Trimming, Scaling, Blasting, Shotcrete, Draping
Utilities: Fiber Optics (Westbound Lanes)


  • Traffic Control
  • Control of debris during blasting and scaling operations in proximity to the roadway
  • Manual scaling operations
  • Installation of drape and crest anchors
  • Safety