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CADD Support


James K. Polk Bldg.
505 Deaderick Street
Suite 1200
Nashville, TN 37243

It is our utmost pleasure to promote respective personnel/software users in the development of roadway projects using computer aided drafting and design (CADD) in the most accurate and efficient manner available thereby making the best possible use of time and resources.

Our goal is to support designers in accomplishing roadway projects in a timely manner so regardless of what other CADD support effort we may be working on at the time, our software users and their projects always come first!

Either face to face or via email or phone, it is our duty to assist the following groups with specific problems they may be encountering in getting something done on their roadway projects.

  • Headquarters - Since our office resides at headquarters, this where most of our one on one or face to face support is provided.
  • Regional and Survey Offices - This help is usually conducted via email or by phone but occasionally does involve going to these remote locations for face to face assistance.
  • Other TDOT Divisions - Most TDOT Divisions do not have personnel directly assigned for support of CADD. Since Design is ultimately the place where all groups come together on project data, many have adopted and use our standards. These include Planning, ROW, Utilities, Geotechnical and Construction. Coordination with Structures and Aeronautics on various CADD issues are executed but with only occasional support.
  • Consultants - This help is conducted via email or by phone with only an occasional visit by consultants to our office. 

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Distribution List

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Please fill out the TDOT Email Distribution List Request form and you will be included in our mailing list.

MicroStation/Geopak problems?

Are you having MicroStation problems and need help? Fill out the TDOT CADD Support Help Form and one of our CADD Support personnel will follow up on your request.

Bentley CONNECTION Client

To enhance security for both Bentley and for our users, it is advised to have its users registered into User Management and sign in to the CONNECTION Client. By doing this, it will also help Bentley deliver new application capabilities and new cloud services that are part of our subscription benefits.

In order to help employees register into CONNECTION Client, steps are separated into two directions:

Additional Resources

Standard Roadway Drawings - Standard roadway drawings contain standard notes and details and are referenced from the contract plans.

Previous Standard Roadway Drawings/Voided Drawings - Previous standard roadway drawings listed as voided by Instructional Bulletins or by other means.

Design CADD Files - Design files used by MicroStation and other design software.

Design Guidelines - These guidelines establish uniform procedures for roadway design activities within the Tennessee Department of Transportation. The guidelines do not establish any legal or administration interpretations of the Department's contracts.

Instructional Bulletins - Instructional Bulletins will be issued as the need arises throughout the year. Currently listed are the IBs that are active and voided once it is implemented into the Design Guidelines.

Training - The purpose of the Roadway Design Training Section is to identify and provide all employees in the Roadway Design Division and Project Development with the proper technical training to perform their job duties in a professional and expedient manner.

More Additional Resources

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