ORD Training Material

Revised: November 2, 2023

There will be six TDOT-specific ORD traning classes, each with PDF manual, class files, and embedded supplimental videos. The classes will be released over time in the order shown below. These resources should be used to lern this new platform abd ultimately build consistancy across the state for TDOT-designed projects.

Class Name                 Manual Class Files  How-to Video Playlist Date Revision Notes
Fundamentals Here Here Here 11/15/2020  
Survey Here Here   06/23/2021 7/20/21 - Page numbering fixed in manual.                                           
Roadway Design I Here Here   07/06/2022  
SUDA Here Here   10/20/2022  
Roadway Design II Here Here   07/24/2023 Use with ORD 10.11 (2022 Release 1) and Workspace or later. 
ConceptStation Here     11/01/2023 Use with ConceptStation version and latest workSpace seed file, which can be downloaded from the ORD Resources Page.

NEW Some additional information regarding civil cells, covering roundabouts, intersections, abutments, curb ramps, entrances, median openings and more. 

Additionally, there will be TDOT-specific classes regarding using OpenBridge Designer to model structures and to produce sheets. These classes are for the use of TDOT structural designers and drafters, and any consultants using OpenBridge. Click here to see the OpenBridge Training and Resources page.