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Revised October 24, 2023

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TDOT ORD Workspace

Revision Notes

Installation Notes

Uplifting from 10.10 to 10.11


1) This is the latest configuration for ORD 2022 Release 1 (10.11 Release 1). If you are using the default location for storing your work, copy the folder  C:\\programData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.11\\ Configuration\\WorkSpaces\\TDOT_Standards\\WorkSets\\ to a secure location. This is also an excellent time to make sure all of your work is backed up. 

2) Delete the folder C:\\programData\\Bentley\\Open Roads Designer CE 10.11\\Configuration. , then download this Workspace and unzip it to C:\\programData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.11\\

3) Restore your worksets by copying the folder you saved in step 1 back to the original location. 

4) For further details regarding installation, see the Installation Notes.

DISCLAIMER:  As of February 10, 2023, new projects shall be started in the latest configuration for ORD 2022 Release 1 (10.11 R1). Ongoing projects can be uplifted from earlier releases of ORD, but will require additional steps to convert the initial data. These additional conversion steps may include, but are not limited to, updating element templates, updating standards from .dgnlibs, re-annotating model elements, re-importing survey data, and/or various clean-up efforts to align with the configuration updates. Please see guidance document Uplifting from 10.10 to 10.11. Please review the latest Revision Notes and earlier versions based on your project file creation dates to understand how the configuration updates will impact your project. Ongoing project upgrade decisions shall be coordinated with your TDOT Project Manager to determine the best path forward based on the project’s development stage and schedule.

NEW Updated Drainage cell and dgnlib files can be found here. Upzip the folder to see the two files, as well as the installation instructions. 

338 MB 7/25/2023

TDOT ORD Workspace


Revision Notes

This is the latest configuration for ORD 2021 Releases 1 and 2 (ORD 10.10 releases). Anyone with an earlier release should contact CADD Support and we will send you a link to the right configuration for your software. 

(1) If you have files saved in the default location that you wish to save, copy the folder C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10\\Configuration\\WorkSpaces\\TDOT_Standards\\Worksets to a secure location.

(2) Delete the existing configuration folder: C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10\\Configuration

(3) Unzip the new workspace to C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10. It should create a folder called Configuration, which contains two folders (Organization - Civil and Workspaces) and some support files. 

(4) Move your saved Worksets folder back to its original location (see step 1). 

294 MB 10/20/2022

SS2 Survey Implementation

PDF Notes

If you want to use an SS2 survey in an ORD project, you will need to incorporate the contents of this zip file into your project's workset. This will allow the correct viualization of all 2D SS2 Survey graphics and annotation. 

Copy the contents of the zip file to:  C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE\\Configuration\\WorkSpaces\\TDOT-Standards\\WorkSets\\<Your Project workset>\\

26.4 MB 03/03/2021
Survey Feature Codes Latest version of survey feature codes for ORD. 5 MB 10/18/2023
ConceptStation support File

The TDOT ConcetpStation workspace consists of a single seed file (seed_imperial_en.dgndb) and complies with the latest CADD statdards. It has been developed for use with ConceptStation version 

To install this file, download, unzip and copy to location C:\\ProgramFiles\\Bentley\\OpenRoads ConceptStation CONNECT Edition\\COnceptStation\\Default\\Seed\\

Note: installation of this file requires an admin password for TDOT personnel. 

55 MB 11/01/2023

Requirements and Guidelines

The Requirements for Model-Centric Design document is intended to be a guide and reference point for TDOT staff and designers while transitioning to Bentley’s OpenRoads Designer (ORD) CONNECT Edition software. This guide outlines general information, background, and software terminology, as well as the following specific topics:

  • Conversion of legacy/existing projects (SS2) to ORD CONNECT
  • ORD software update(s) deployment 
  • Workspace structure
  • Standard file naming
  • Plans production
  • General recommendations for model-based design
  • Multiple appendices which elaborate on topics covered throughout the document

The  Requirements for Model-Centric Design document does not replace the need for training but instead is meant to document standard digital design procedures developed by TDOT (to-date) and should be referenced throughout each project. Current software development and best practices are covered within this document, and TDOT acknowledges that the software is constantly evolving. Therefore, this document (and associated resources) will be updated on a yearly basis, and the revisions will be outlined in the Model Revision History section located near the end of the document. This document, along with accompanying resources, can be accessed via links below.

Document Name Description Date Revision Notes
Requirements for Model-Centric Design ORD Resource for TDOT staff and consultants. 6/16/2022 N/A
ORD Conversion Decision-Making Form Noted in the Requirements file, this form accompanies the conversion graphics and should be completed by the applicable TDOT Design manager.  8/16/2021 N/A
Survey Checklist Documents Noted in the Requirements file,  the Survey Data Checklist should be completed by the survey team once all data has been processed and deliverables have been developed.  Other files are for QAQC purposes. 
4/8/2022 N/A
ORD FIle Naming Noted in the Requirements file, this document provides guidance on file nameing for project files developed in ORD, broken down by the following functional areas: STID, Survey, and Design.  6/16/2022 N/A
Template Library and Point Names This document details the contents of each Template Library and the means of the many various point names.  10/20/23 N/A