Standard Design and Survey CADD Files and Documents for MicroStation SS2

Revised: May 9, 2024

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MicroStation V8i and Google Earth Tutorial

MicroStation V8i Course Manual (Download Class Files HERE)

TDOT GEOPAK Road Course Guide (Download Class Files HERE)

GEOPAK Drainage V8i Course Manual (Download Class Files HERE)

What's Changed....

05/09/2024 - Updated, & due to additional new Traffic Design/ITS sheet title cells and update of  Index & Standard Drawings/Standard Roadway Drawings dgn files. Updated

12/06/2023 - Updated due to adding 2 additional rows to title cell block of cross section sheet. Updated

10/04/2023 - Updated & to include new phase stamps. Updated

08/24/2023 - Updated pertains to IB 23-13. Updated

07/28/2023 - Updated pertains to IB 23-11. Updated

07/12/2023 - Updated Updated

05/12/2023 - Updated, & Updated

04/14/2023 - Updated pertain to IB 23-04. Updated

NOTICE: Our download page no longer includes 2nd,, and However, we have made a direct link for easy accessibility of all the documents contain in these zip files. For download of Estimated Roadway Quantities Excel, TDOT letters & forms including field survey documents users shall navigate to Roadway Design Documents section. 

The standard files provided below were developed for use with MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 2) version and other software by TDOT designers.  Others may download and use at their own risk.  No warranty is given. All files are self-extracting archives unless otherwise noted.


 Download Instructions for ZIP files:

  1. Click on file name you wish to download.
  2. Follow the instructions for your preferred web browser.
  • For Mozilla Firefox:
    • In the dialog window, select "Save File"
    • The file will save to your "Download" folder 
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*By default, the PowerArchiver Self-Extractor window will be set to the Download Location indicated with the file descriptions. In most cases, this will be where the files need to go. If you are not sure, use Windows Explorer, etc. to find the locations. If they are on a different drive or folder, you will need to set the download locations. NOTE: you must be an administrator to place file in the folder c:\\ProgramFIles.

Name Description Size Date
All .exe files in one download file.
Download Location: 
48634 KB

For MicroStation version
Name Description Size Date English cell files.
Download Location: 
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\cell
21287  KB 05/09/24 Color table and level mapping\\conversion files.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\data
52 KB 12/06/19 Design File Level library and on the fly level mapping file.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\dgnlib
130 KB 06/12/20 JPEG image files created from MicroStation standard cells.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\image
1140 KB 12/04/18 Plot configuration driver files for use with MicroStation Print.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\pltcfg
83 KB 12/17/20
Print Users that use MicroStation Print Organizer can utilize the same MicroStation Print plot configuration files to set up complete plan sets in a single PDF file.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Public Organizer
2990 KB 09/12/22 MicroStation DGN seed files.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\seed
4911 KB 05/09/24 Font and custom line style resource files.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\symb
1058 KB 12/06/19 MicroStation interface file.
Download Location:
C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\\WorkSpace\\Interfaces\\MicroStation\\tdot
160 KB 09/16/20 MicroStation configuration variable file for TDOT projects.
You must be an Administratior to download this file to the default location listed below.
Save executable file to hard drive and then "Run as Administrator".
If software is not loaded in drives and directories as listed with the Download Instructions above it will be necessary to edit the locations specified in this file.
Download Location:
C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Bentley\\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\\MicroStation\\config\\appl
97 KB 06/01/17 MicroStation visual basic application program files.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\vba
10313 KB 05/09/24
For Geopak version
Name Description Size Date Includes D&C manager DDB file, labeler style files, DTM display preference files, superelevation control files, spiral curve design tables,vertical curve Kvalue tables, plan and cross section sheet libraries. Also includes standard drainage files; library, project template, profile preference file and report format files.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Geopak Standards
1110 KB 07/05/22 Includes criteria files, typical section cell library and Write document description files for proposed cross section development.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Geopak Standards\\Criteria
1297 KB 09/22/20 3PC (three port criteria) files for use with the D&C manager DDB file.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Geopak Standards\\3PC
152 KB 12/06/19 Special Geopak criteria files used by Construction personnel to generate proposed cross sections.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Geopak Standards\\ConstCriteria
101 KB 06/01/17
For Office 2010
Name Description Size Date This file is required for the "Estimated Roadway Quantities.xltm" quantity block. File must be saved to directory location listed below.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Office Standards\\TDOT 2nd Sheets
122  KB 08/24/23 Excel English tabulated quantity block templates.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\Office Standards\\TDOT English Tab Quantities
307 KB 11/01/19
Aerial Survey Manday Form - Version 1.10. xlsm Aerial Survey Excel spreadsheet for manday estimates for contracted engineering services (Version 1.10). 
Download Location: 
none specified
97 KB 09/17/20
English Survey & Design Manday Form version 2.27.xlsm Survey & Design combined Excel spreadsheet for manday estimates for contracted engineering services (Version 2.27). This Form will be effective from October 1, 2015 until otherwise noted.
Download Location: 
none specified
  205 KB 10/07/20
For aerial survey users only, others should not download.
Name Description Size Date Feature database used with Intergraph ISFC and ISDC software which is set up for 50 scale, English application.
Download Location:
E:\\TDOT Specs\\feature tables
448 KB 06/01/17 Special MicroStation color table which includes alternate color settings for use during photogrametry compilation in conjunction with aerial photography.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\data
96 KB 06/01/17 MicroStation DGN seed file.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\MicroStation Standards\\seed
137 KB 06/01/17 File used for calibration of the Microsoft/Vexcel UXC large format digital aerial photography camera.
Download Location:
E:\\TDOT Specs\\ISPM Cameras
96 KB 06/01/17
For Projectwise Interplot Organizer version
Name Description Size Date Design script pen tables used to control line widths, data inserts, area fills.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\InterPlot Standards\\Design Scripts
139 KB 06/01/17 Includes area pattern libraries for 400, 600 dpi plotters and style library for MicroStation line codes 0-7 & dot pattern on sheet profile grids.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\InterPlot Standards\\resrc
246 KB 06/01/17 TDOT Iplot configuration variable files.
You must be an Administratior to download this file to the default location listed below.
Save executable file to hard drive and then "Run as Administrator".
This includes the file iplot.cfg which contains the definition for plot files to be placed in folder C:\\Temp.
Download Location:
C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\InterPlot\\IPLOT\\config
109 KB 12/04/17 TDOT Interplot configuration variable file.
You must be an Administratior to download this file to the default location listed below.
Save executable file to hard drive and then "Run as Administrator".
Download Location:
C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer\\config
102 KB 06/01/17 Plot Queue settings files for use with Iplot and InterPlot Organizer. Plot queue names must be set before using.
Download Location:
C:\\Users\\Public\\InterPlot Standards\\Settings
98 KB 06/01/17
Name Description Size Date Design vehicle library, US_Tennessee.ATL, based on the AASHTO Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (2001, 2004 & 2011 versions) which only includes vehicles which are applicable in Tennessee.
Download Location:
127 KB 06/01/17
Name Description Size Date
Creating PDF Files from Microstation DGN Files.pdf T.D.O.T. Design Division personnel have two methods available to them for producing PDF files from plan sheets in MicroStation. Both of these are described in this document. The recommended method is with InterPlot Organizer, which is used for batch plotting and generating PDF plan sets. They can also use MicroStation Print to produce individual sheet PDF files.

3182 KB 09/12/22
TDOT Public Hearing Plot Doc.pdf This is for TDOT personnel only and is to be used with the HP Designjet T1300 Series Color Printer

708 KB 12/11/19
Title Sheet Preset Filters Tutorial This tutorial is intended to assist users on learning to apply preset filters to new title sheets  throughout the various phases of a TDOT roadway project.

  2300  KB   08/24/18
CADDV8.pdf PDF containing documentation for TDOT design CADD standards. 3900 KB 05/04/20
2nd SheetsV8.pdf Acrobat pdf document containing documentation for development of 2nd sheets (index & standard drawings, general notes, estimated roadway quantities & tabulated quantities) and other plan sheets using MicroStation V8i and Office 2010

8201  KB  12/06/19
ROW Acq Tables.pdf Acrobat pdf document containing documentation for development of R.O.W. Acquisition Tables using MicroStation V8i and Office 2010.

 3166  KB  10/04/12
Signature Sheet Workflow.pdf Acrobat pdf document which illustrates the work flow used to add certified digital signatures to PDF plan sets using Adobe Acrobat.

1074  KB 10/03/19
State Plane Coordinates to LatLong.pdf Acrobat pdf document describing procedure to convert a state plane coordinate value to latitude & longitude using Geopak. This is required data for entry on the project data worksheet of Excel estimated roadway quantities file.

 221  KB  12/10/18
Land Use DGN Creation.pdf Acrobat pdf document containing work flow for producing a MicroStation DGN file with land use definitions for use with Geopak Drainage.

 388  KB   05/14/14
TIN Surface From DEM.pdf Acrobat pdf document which provides a step by step process on using USGS 7.5-minute topographic maps and 10 meter DEM (digital elevation model) data to produce a Geopak digital terrain model or TIN file for use in generating cross-sections and profiles for a roadway corridor.

 1293  KB  11/29/17
TDOT Roadway Design Division V8 Configurations for Consultant CADD Managers.pdf Acrobat pdf document for use as a guide for consultant CADD managers or IT personnel when setting up configurations for their personnel to apply T.D.O.T. Roadway Design Division standard files on their local computer systems.
 99  KB 11/20/13
Title Sheet Map.pdf Acrobat pdf document describing procedure to set up the location map on a title sheet using T.D.O.T. Roadway Design Division maps with MicroStation.

 555 KB 06/12/23
Location & Vicinity Map Guide.pdf Acrobat pdf document describing procedure to set up 8.5x11 location or vicinity maps for public hearing notices or Hydraulic permit submittal's using T.D.O.T. Roadway Design Division maps with MicroStation.

 1350  KB 06/12/23
FileNet User Guide for Design.pdf Acrobat pdf document which contains the workflows for using FileNet with instructions on starting, logging in, searching for files, loading files and file property editing.
This file is for TDOT personnel only. Others should notdownload.

 1372  KB 05/15/20
Geopak Legal Description Libraries.pdf Acrobat pdf document containing an overview of working on Geopak legal description libraries so that they can be customized for each T.D.O.T. Regional R.O.W. office's needs.
This file is for TDOT personnel only. Others should notdownload.

 1685  KB 04/26/18
Using MrSID Image Files in MicroStation.pdf Acrobat pdf document describing the use of aerial photography saved in the MrSID raster image format with MicroStation for project overlays.
This file is for TDOT personnel only. Others should notdownload.

 680 KB 01/21/20

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