Roadway Design Division

James K Polk Building, Suite 1200
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.741.2221
Fax: 615.532.2799

Jennifer Lloyd

Jennifer Lloyd

The Roadway Design Division consists of the Design Standards and Policy, Contract Management, Aerial Surveying, and Consultant Management sections. The key responsibility of the Design Standards and Policy Section is to provide guidance and oversight for TDOT personnel by establishing roadway design criteria, maintaining and developing roadway design standards and training manuals, ensuring roadway plans meet the state and federal policies as well as the targeted quality assurance and compliance standards.

The division’s responsibilities include support activities such as maintaining the TDOT GNSS Reference Network for ground surveyors and providing CADD support and Microstation training and for TDOT personnel and consultant firms. This section also reviews locally administrated projects for the Program Development Division for Quality Assurance and Compliance. The Aerial Surveys office is tasked with the planning and acquisition of digital imagery, which is then used in the assembly of and the delivery of geo-referenced mosaics encompassing the entire geographic extent of the state of Tennessee, as well as high-resolution aerial images for use in precision corridor design for engineering projects. The Contract Management section performs the pre-qualification of consultant engineering firms, advertisement of consultant projects, oversight and payment of contracts, and provides pavement design, value engineering studies, plan sales, and file management.  The Consultant Management section oversees consultant developed roadway projects.

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