Roadway Design Training

Revised: January 3, 2024

The purpose of the Roadway Design Training Section is to identify and provide all employees in the Roadway Design Division and Project Development with the proper technical training to perform their job duties in a professional and expedient manner. The Training Program is facilitated by Headquarters and Regional personnel, with the oversight and support of the Office of Learning & Development.

Please refer to the Roadway Design Training Calendar below for currently scheduled training classes. If you have questions concerning the scheduled training classes please email the contact person listed on the class description. To register for an Instructor-led classes provided by TDOT, follow the link in the class description, or click here.

Many classes and tutorials are available online for students to work through at their own pace. Use the links below to explore available classes and tutorials. The New Designer Training Track is a set of classes which are required for new designers. Some are available online, and some are classroom-based. Check our calendar below for any scheduled classes. 

For ORD training information, please click here to visit the CADD Support ORD page. 

The Welcome to Roadway Design Manual provides a list of useful resources for a new roadway designer, including the Roadway Design Division website, various manuals, and more. It has learning programs and current project development tools to assist you. For your convenience, each title is a link to the corresponding page on the Roadway Design Division’s website. A brief description is right below the title, followed by a screenshot of what each page looks like.

The Roadway Design Process Guide is intended to direct a new designer through the design process.  It provides locations for the information needed in each phase for all submittals and field reviews. It is intended to be used by designers and their supervisors to assist in the correct development of a project. The flowchart depicted in Figure 1 displays an overview of this process and can be referenced as a general guide.

Click here to download the project file structure template. 

If you have any training suggestions or requests, please email (

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