State Route 96

Williamson and Rutherford Counties


Plans to improve State Route 96, from east of Arno Road in Williamson County to Veterans Parkway in Rutherford County, consist of widening the two-lane roadway to a five-lane facility for approximately 18.7 miles.

Purpose and Need

SR 96 is an arterial roadway that serves as a connector route between the city of Franklin and the city of Murfreesboro, passing through the communities of Arrington and Triune. It is currently a two-lane road with 11-foot travel lanes and shoulders that vary from two feet to four feet.

An increase in residential and commercial developments, both along the corridor and on either end of the corridor, have increased traffic demand.

Planned improvements will address safety, mobility, and operation of the corridor by correcting roadway deficiencies, enhancing access to communities, and increasing roadway capacity to meet current and future traffic needs.


Reconstruction on either end of the SR 96 corridor – from Carothers Road to Arno Road in Williamson County and from Veterans Parkway to Overall Creek in Rutherford County – is complete, leaving an 18.7-mile section of two-lane roadway.

Due to the size of the project, the planned improvements have been separated into four smaller sections or phases.

  • from east of Arno Road to SR 252 (Wilson Pike)
  • from SR 252 (Wilson Pike) to I-840
  • from I-840 to Coleman Hill Road
  • from Coleman Hill Road to Veterans Parkway

Each section is designed to tie-in to the other reconstructed sections with four 12-foot travel lanes (two in each direction), a dedicated center turn lane, and 10-foot shoulders.