Interstate 24 Ramp Improvements

Rutherford County
Rutherford I-24 Ramps

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) plans to construct improvements to three exits along the I-24 corridor in Rutherford County. At Exit 81, the interchange with State Route 10 (South Church Street), improvements to the westbound off-ramp will include adding length to the deceleration lane and creation of a wider parallel-type ramp. At Exit 84, the interchange with Joe B. Jackson Parkway, current plans call for minor extensions of the westbound and eastbound entrance and exit ramps along I-24 to mitigate queued traffic from reaching the I-24 mainline. And at Exit 89, the interchange with Epps Mill Road/Buchanan Road, the planned project includes ramp reconstruction, widening of Epps Mill Road, replacement of the Epps Mill Road bridge over I-24, and acceleration/deceleration lane improvements on I-24

The Exit 81 and Exit 84 projects will be constructed within existing right-of-way, decreasing project cost and enabling faster project delivery. All three projects will address current and anticipated future congestion along the I-24 corridor, as well as improve safety.

All three projects are identified for funding in TDOT's 10-Year Project Plan. The ramp improvements at Epps Mill Road/Buchanan Road were identified for funding in Governor Bill Lee’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget.

Current Status: All three projects are under development.

Estimated construction start: All three projects are scheduled for construction in TDOT's 10-Year Project Plan. See below for specific estimated construction years.

Estimated completion*: TBD

Funding Type: The Exit 89 project is funded through the Statewide Partnership Program. Rutherford County is providing a portion of the project’s funding, with the remainder funded through the 2023 General Fund Transfer and traditional federal and state sources. The other two projects are funded through traditional federal and state sources.

Rutherford County
Exit 81 (SR 10, South Church Street)
Construction Starting Fiscal Year 2025 (estimated)
Exit 84 (Joe B. Jackson Parkway) Construction Starting Fiscal Year 2026 (estimated)
Exit 89 (Epps Mill Road/Buchanan Road)
Construction Starting Fiscal Year 2026 (estimated)
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History and Background

All three projects were identified for funding in the IMPROVE Act in 2017, along with several other interchange improvements along the I-24 corridor between Nashville and Murfreesboro. TDOT is committed to addressing congestion using a wide variety of strategies, including these projects, the I-24 SMART Corridor project the I-24 MOTION initiative, and the I-24 Southeast Choice Lanes project.


Public Involvement and Engagement

Exits 81 and 84

Due to the projects' scope and construction within existing TDOT right-of-way, no public meetings have been conducted for either project.

Exit 89

No public meetings have been conducted for this project. Any meetings will be communicated on this website and through other communication platforms.

Project Contacts

Erin Zeigler
TDOT Region 3 Regional Communications Officer (Media)
Phone: 629.277.2458

Jon Storey (Exit 81 Improvements)
TDOT Region 3 Project Management


Daniel Jordan (Exit 84 Improvements)
TDOT Region 3 Project Management


Kim Welch, P.E. (Exit 89 Improvements)
TDOT Region 3 Alternative Delivery Manager

Phone:  615.532.4119

*Subject to change