Interstate 24 SMART Corridor

Davidson and Rutherford Counties

TDOT released its 10-Year Project Plan on December 18. Project information included on this webpage is subject to change.


TDOT has developed and implemented the Interstate 24 (I-24) SMART Corridor Project, which takes a comprehensive approach to managing the existing infrastructure and improving travel time reliability between Rutherford and Davidson counties.

Since 2005, traffic volumes have increased by more than 60% in the Murfreesboro-Rutherford County segments of l-24. Further widening of the interstate is not financially feasible, nor will it solve the congestion issues along the corridor. The I-24 SMART Corridor project integrates freeway and arterial roadway elements, along with physical, technological, and operational improvements, to provide drivers accurate, real-time information and to actively manage traffic.

The system connects I-24 between Nashville and Murfreesboro via an integrated corridor management system. It does that through many physical technelogical upgrades along the interstate and US 41.

Current Status: The integrated corridor management system was launched in June of 2023. Material and technical delays pushed the projects timeline past its original completion date. The project is currently in Phase 2, with the project team managing the corridor and working to launch the arterial management system.  Find out more information by watching these videos: I-24 Smart Corridor "How Does it Work?"Gantry Construction Begins in Phase 2 of I-24 SMART Corridor, Variable Speed Limits, How Do They Work on the I-24 Smart Corridor?

Construction start: 2018


Traffic Impacts

The lane control gantry system was turned on Tuesday, June 20.

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History and Background

The I-24 SMART Corridor pairs I-24 with State Route 1 (US 70/Murfreesboro Road) using connector routes. The project includes:

  • Approximately 28 miles along I-24, from Exit 53 (I-440) in Metro Nashville-Davidson County to Exit 81 (SR 10/US 231) in the City of Murfreesboro 
  • Approximately 28.5 miles along SR-1 (Murfreesboro Road), from I-24 in Metro Nashville-Davidson County to SR 10/US 231 in the City of Murfreesboro 
  • Approximately 30 miles of connector routes between I-24 and SR-1

Physical improvements will be made along the existing I-24 corridor including extending ramp lengths, adding emergency pull-offs, and installing ramp meters. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) features will also be deployed to upgrade signals and optimize signal timing on SR 1 and the connector routes and to provide information boards on both I-24 and SR 1.

The project will be completed in phases in partnership with local municipalities, law enforcement, and transit and planning organizations.

Click here to earn more about Phase 2 lane control gantry construction.


Project Imagery & Visuals

Further information explain the lane control system breakdown is located here. Watch how the I-24 Smart Corridor works.


Key Project Milestones

Phase 1: Short-Term Deployments



Completed Summer 2018


Completed December 2021

Phase 2: Intermediate Deployments



Completed Summer 2019


Forecasted for Completion Early 2024

Phase 3: Long-Term Deployments



Currently being worked on  


Unknown at this time

Phase 2: Intermediate Deployments

The contract was awarded in October of 2019 for $45,778,075.30. Design was completed in 2019 and the estimated construction completion is early 2024.

Project details include upgraded fiber along I-24, overhead DMS for Active Traffic Management System along I-24 and upgraded detection along I-24 and the arterials.

Phase 3: Long-Term Deployments

This part of the project is currently in the design stage. The design completion forecasted for December 2022 and construction is estimated to be completed in Summer 2024.

Project details include ramp Metering along I-24, upgraded fiber along arterials, CCTVs and DMS along arterials, ADA improvements along arterials and automated Decision Support Systems for Active Traffic Management for entire corridor


Project Contacts

Clint Carpenter (current construction)
Operations District Supervisor
Phone: 615.898.8005

Rebekah Hammonds
TDOT Region 3 Community Relations Officer
Phone: 615.741.7446

Lee Smith
Assistant Director of Traffic Operations at Tennessee Department of Transportation
Phone: 615.253.6705

*Subject to change