State Route 11 (US 31, Dickerson Pike)

Davidson County

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is proposing to construct improvements to State Route 11 (US 31, Dickerson Pike) north of Nashville. SR 11 parallels I-65 in this area and often serves as an alternate route during heavy interstate congestion. To both the north and south of the CSX railroad bridge crossing SR 11, the current roadway is five lanes; at the railroad bridge, however, the route narrows to three lanes (two southbound, one northbound).

This project will replace the railroad bridge to provide additional clearance and widen SR 11 to five lanes, including four travel lanes, a center turn lane, 6-foot shoulders, curb and gutter and sidewalks. The proposed railroad bridge will carry two tracks. Due to the complexities involved in this project, including coordination with CSX, TDOT has identified this project as a candidate for an alternative delivery mechanism.

This project is identified for funding in TDOT's 10-Year Project Plan, with construction scheduled for Fiscal Year 2027.

Current Status: Concept Stage (survey completed and very preliminary engineering).

Funding Type: Partially Federal Funded.

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History and Background

This project began as an Advanced Planning Report (APR) that was developed in March 2003. The APR proposed a five-lane section, with curb and gutter and replacement of the CSXT overpass. In 2015, a technical study was completed to revise the 2003 APR. The Technical Study reduced the lane widths slightly (from 12 feet to 11 feet) and increased the width of the shoulders. In 2020, a Design Change Memo was developed to improve the continuity of the route.


Public Involvement and Engagement

There have been no public meetings or other involvement to date. CSXT has been involved in the various studies and in the concept development stage of design. There will likely be public meeting in the future as the preferred concept is selected and the design process is carried forward.


Project Imagery & Visuals




TDOT is still in the process of determining the footprint of the project, so environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is not yet complete. Initial environmental boundaries have been provided and are included in the survey files.

Project Contacts

Rebekah Hammonds
TDOT Region 3 Community Relations Officer

Aso Hawrami
TDOT Roadway Project Manager

Brian Gaffney
Consultant Design Project Manager (Benesch)

Miller Bernhardt
TDOT Alternative Delivery Project Manager