Developing Our Built Environment Approach

Built Environment Graphic

The Tennessee Department of Health supports the creation of healthy built environments as part of its primary prevention efforts. In 2015, the Tennessee Department of Health convened a group of staff and partners to develop a built environment strategy for the department.  The group developed a set of recommendations that have all since been implemented:

Recommendation: Create a taskforce of multiple state agencies focused on improving livability in Tennessee communities and promote Health in All Policies.

Recommendation: Designate an executive position to lead the department's built environment efforts.

Recommendation: Create regional built environment coordinator positions at the health department to provide technical assistance to local communities.

Recommendation: Provide examples of policies, resources, and best practices for health-promoting built environment strategies.

Recommendation: Align strategic planning with built enviornment initiatives and establish internal/external collaborations.

Recommendation: Convene partners to identify and fund built environment projects.

Recommendation: Develop communication tools around health and the built environment.

Recommendation: Monitor and evaluate built environment efforts.

Click here for the Built Environment Team Presentation and Report