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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

State Health Plan

The State Health Plan offers a blueprint for improving the health of people in Tennessee. Since 2009, the Division of Health Planning has developed annual updates to the Plan in order to better serve the people of Tennessee and to uphold the mission of the Department of Health “To Protect, Promote, and Improve the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee”.

The State Health Plan utilizes an overarching framework, comprised of three components, that offers a blueprint for improving the health of the people of Tennessee through the use of “upstream” primary prevention efforts. The framework not only directs the efforts of the Department at the state level but also allows organizations and engaged citizens across the state to align with TDH’s vision and priorities. The three components of the State Health Plan are:

  1. Three Guiding Questions,
  2. Vital Signs Actions, and
  3. Tennessee Vital Signs.