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Current Opportunities

Come join the team that's committed to protecting, promoting, and improving the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee. We are dedicated to service and are passionate about partnering with our communities to help reach their health goals.


The following opporunities are available for application on

ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN 2 - 0728202-34610 (Washington County)

ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 3 - 07282022-34727 (Davidson County)


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES ASSISTANT 2* -07282022-34669 (Hamilton County)

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES ASSISTANT 3 -07282022-34649 (Davidson County)

CLINICAL APPLICATIONS COORDINATOR 2 -07282022-34664 (Davidson County)


LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* - 07282022-34700 (Montgomery County)

NURSE PRACTITIONER - 07282022-34740 (Putnam County)

NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* - 07282022-34710 (Montgomery County)

PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 - 07282022-34730 (Davidson County)

PHYSICIAN – 34635 (Sumner County)

PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATOR 2* - 07282022-34607 (Blount County)

PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING CONSULTANT 2 - 07282022-34498 (Davidson County)

PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT -07282022-34450 (Putnam County)

PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT -07282022-34596 (Blount County)

PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPERVISOR 3 -07282022-34592 (Blount County)

PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIRECTOR 1 -07282022-34470 (Davidson County)

REG BOARD ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 1 -07282022-34594 (Davidson County)

REG BOARD ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2 -07282022-34629 (Davidson County)

REGISTERED NURSE 2* - 07282022-34449 (WhiteCounty)

REGISTERED NURSE 2* - 07282022-34674(Montgomery County)

REGISTERED NURSE 4 - 07212022-34076 (SevierCounty)

EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 - 07212022-34177 (DavidsonCounty)

LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* - 07212022-34366 (Maury County)

NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* - 07212022-34216 (Fayette County)

NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* - 07212022-34216( Davidson County)

PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 - 07212022-34071 (Davidson County)

PHYSICIAN – 34353 (Grundy County)

PUBLIC HEALTH COUNTY DIRECTOR - 7212022-34237 (Tipton County)

PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIRECTOR 2 -07212022-34372 (Davidson County)


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Pursuant to the State of Tennessee’s Workplace Discrimination and Harassment policy, the State is firmly committed to the principle of fair and equal employment opportunities for its citizens and strives to protect the rights and opportunities of all people to seek, obtain, and hold employment without being subjected to illegal discrimination and harassment in the workplace. It is the State’s policy to provide an environment free of discrimination and harassment of an individual because of that person’s race, color, national origin, age (40 and over), sex, pregnancy, religion, creed, disability, vetran’s status or any other category protected by state and/or federal civil rights laws.