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Tennessee Department of Health Built Environment Grants

The Tennessee Department of Health's Office of Primary Prevention manages the Access to Health built environment grant programs. These grants aim to increase access to safe and publicly-accessible places that provide opportunities for physical activity for a diverse group of users, including those who live, visit, work, play, worship, and learn in the community.

Click here to listen to a 2018 Association of State and Territorial Health Officials podcast with Dr. John Vick, who discusses the department's built enviornment grants as a strategy for preventing childhood obesity.

Rural Access to Health through Healthy Active Built Environments Grants

In 2017, Tennessee Department of Health made $10,000 of grant funding available to every rural and suburban county in Tennessee to support the development of publicly-accessible, physical activity-promoting built environments. Counties identified needs in their local communities and funded a total of 106 projects across the state. Funded projects include construction, improvement, or planning of playgrounds, trails, walking tracks, sports facilities, and greenspace, among others. The projects were supported by 266 organizational partnerships, and 53 projects were designed to accommodate users with disabilities. Matching funds were not required, although the funding could be used as a match for other grant programs.

Built Environment Grants Report 2020 Cover Image
Grant Program Summary Year One Report
Grant Project Interactive Map
Grant Project Interactive Map



Access to Health through Healthy Active Built Environments Grants

In 2018, the Tennessee Department of Health launched a competitive built environment grant program available to local governments, state government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The department awarded over $1.8 million in grants to 35 grantees across Tennessee. Two-thirds of the grant-funded projects are located in economically-distressed or at-risk counties, as defined by the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development.  Grantees are embarking on a diverse set of projects that include convening, programming, planning, and construction of built environment projects that promote physical activity. The projects are underway, and include playgrounds, walking tracks, outdoor fitness stations, greenways and trails, and other publicly-accessible spaces that promote physical activity and social interaction for communities. Grant applications were received from 75 percent of Tennessee counties, totaling nearly $8 million in requested funding.

AHHABE Funded Projects Map


Project Diabetes

Project Diabetes is a state-funded initiative administered by Tennessee Department of Health’s Division of Family Health and Wellness.  Grants are awarded to community partners with a focus on reducing overweight and obesity as risk factors for the development of diabetes. Grant activities are geared toward interventions that are applied before there is any evidence of disease, and include built environment projects such as greenways, fitness equipment, playgrounds, sports facilities, walking tracks, and other health-promoting infrastructure. To learn more and view a list of funded projects visit the Project Diabetes website.