History of Public Health in Tennessee

Every person who lives in or visits Tennessee benefits from current – and past – efforts of many dedicated public health professionals.  Throughout the Tennessee Department of Health enterprise, there’s a deliberate focus on selfless service to others.  You see that when you visit a county health department where residents come for a variety of important services.  You may unknowingly experience it when you eat in a restaurant we inspect. And you may someday be helped during a public health threat when our emergency response efforts are needed.

The approximately 3,400 men and women of the Tennessee Department of Health take great pride in the historical tradition of service to others that has served residents and visitors so well for many decades. We are proud of our history and eager to share with you some more about our past.  Thanks for visiting our history section!

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Clean Up Cholera
Typhoid Vaccine 1930
Rutherford County Health Department