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ReadyTN is a mobile device application from the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) providing emergency preparedness, response, and recovery information to Tennesseans. The ReadyTN app is a situational awareness tool for Tennesseans with information on road conditions, weather updates, open shelters, contacts for county emergency agencies and more. ReadyTN has resources to help individuals build emergency kits, create emergency plans for themselves and their families, and learn about the emergency hazards Tennesseans face.

In times of emergency, it is important for you to be able to care for your family and assist those in your community. The goal of ReadyTN is to provide guidance on what to do before, during, and after a disaster. When individuals are better prepared, their communities emergency resources can stretch further and are better able to assist those in dire need. 

Be prepared— Get ReadyTN.

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ReadyTN features include:

Alerts and Warnings
Real time weather and emergency alert messages

Open Shelters
Displays a map of open Red Cross Shelters

TDOT Smartway

Displays a map of real time traffic conditions

Local Contacts
Emergency management contact information by county

Information on the hazards of prime concern for Tennessee

Emergency plan checklists for a variety of scenarios

Directly connects to the TEMA website

Connects users to social media platforms

The app also features a header displaying the current status of operations. Press releases by TEMA can be found by scrolling below the 8 homepage tiles.

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