Primary Prevention in Tennessee

Primary Prevention Plans

Every county in Tennessee develops and carries out an annual Primary Prevention Plan. The plans provide both an opportunity and an implementation strategy for all staff in Tennessee’s local health departments to engage in primary prevention work.  The Office of Primary Prevention facilitates the development of the plans and provides best practice recommendations and resources to assist counties with the implementation of their initiatives.

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The Primary Prevention Plans outline the self-identified responsibilities of each local health department in Tennessee for engaging in primary prevention work. The plans are developed annually and reflect local priorities identified through local assessments including County Health Assessments, and the resulting Community Health Improvement Plans that are developed and led by local county health councils. The Primary Prevention Plans are also informed by high-level strategic priorities developed by the state including the Tennessee Department of Health’s Strategic Plan and the State Health Plan.

Primary Prevention Plans Annual Report

The Primary Prevention Plans Annual Report provides an overview of initiatives and accomplishments of the plans across the state in order to highlight the important work that health department staff implement each year. Please click the images below to view the reports.

Primary Prevention Plans Annual Report 2018-2019 Cover Image
Primary Prevention Plans Annual Report 2017-2018 Cover Pic


Primary Prevention Resources

PP Resource Guide

Annual Primary Prevention Plan Resource Guide 

Each year, the Office of Primary Prevention creates a resource guide that provides an overview to what primary prevention is, what meaningful primary prevention work is, how to make a clinical connection to population health, and how a local health department should complete their planning process.  You can view the current resource guide by clicking on the cover photo of the guide.  





RCA Toolkit Image

Root Cause Analysis Toolkit

The Office of Primary Prevention developed the Root Cause Analysis Toolkit to aid health department staff and partners in identifying and addressing the social drivers of health outcomes.  The toolkit is designed to incorporate upstream prevention and systems thinking into existing processes, or to help brainstorm more holistic and interconnected approaches to public health. The toolkit can be adapted easily for a variety of processes, and can be used in virtual, in-person, or hybrid settings.

The toolkit includes: 1) the exercise outline and visual templates, 2) a facilitator's guide, and 3) a PowerPoint slide deck for introducing the exercise.

Toolkit Materials

Root Cause Analysis Exercise Materials

Root Cause Analysis Facilitation Guide

Root Cause Analysis Presentation Slide Deck



TN Vitality Toolkit Image

TN Vitality Toolkit

The Tennessee Vitality Toolkit is a framework to help Tennessee County Health Councils strengthen community well-being as they transition from their County Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) process to collective impact and action.

The Toolkit lays out a menu of resources for nineteen priority areas that a Health Council might choose to focus on in their CHIP. This first launch of the toolkit includes these six priority areas: Community Resilience, Person-Centered Care, Positive Childhood Experiences, Civic Engagement, Substance Misuse Prevention, and Nutrition Security.

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Tennessee State Health Plan

Tennessee's State Health Plan

The State Health Plan utilizes an overarching framework that offers a blueprint for improving the health of the people of Tennessee through the use of “upstream” primary prevention efforts. The framework not only directs the efforts of the Department at the state level but also allows organizations and engaged citizens across the state to align with TDH’s vision and priorities.

Diabetes Action Report 2019 Cover

TN Diabetes Action Report | 2019

The State of Tennessee is diligently working toward a culture of health through statewide, regional, county, community and individual initiatives. This report provides an overview of the state of diabetes in Tennessee and the work specific to diabetes in the Bureau of TennCare, the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH), and the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration.