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Tennessee Livability Collaborative

The Tennessee Livability Collaborative

The Tennessee Livability Collaborative was first convened in 2016 by the Commissioners of  the Tennessee Departments of Health, Education, Economic and Community Development, and Transportation. The Collaborative is a working group of 13 Tennessee state agencies with a mission of improving the prosperity, quality of life, and health of Tennesseans through state department collaboration in the areas of policy, funding, and programming.

For more information about the Tennessee Livability Collaborative please contact Dr.  John Vick at


A high quality of life for all Tennesseans that includes opportunities for education, employment, health, transportation, healthy foods, housing, recreation, and culture in Tennessee communities with the goal of advancing the economic competitiveness of Tennessee by enhancing the livability of Tennessee communities. By creating attractive, enjoyable, active and socially engaging environments that optimize the health of children and adults, Tennessee fosters the best opportunities for children to grow and learn, as well as increases the productivity and contribution of adults to their communities and workplaces.



The Collaborative focuses on the Governor’s priorities: Jobs & Economic development, Education & Workforce Development, Health & Welfare, Fiscal Strength & Efficient Government and Public Safety.


The Collaborative assists state agencies to coordinate efforts that impact the economic and personal health of Tennesseans and Tennessee communities. By outlining and coordinating programs, policies, and funding aimed at stimulating economically strong places to live and work, state agencies can better achieve the objectives of Customer Focused Government, cross-agency collaboration, and leveraging resources wisely. The Collaborative aligns with current interagency partnerships including the Governor’s Rural Task Force and the ThreeStar Program of the TN Department of Economic and Community Development, focusing on asset-based development, rich and historic town centers, schools, and parks & recreation centers. The Collaborative strategically and tactically maximizes advantages of assets already in place in Tennessee communities.


The Collaborative is staffed by the Tennessee Department of Health's Office of Primary Prevention with an open invitation to other departments and agencies to participate. If a TN state agency is interested in joining the Collaborative, they are invited to participate in an informational interview to determine their interest level in joining and what they could expect to contribute and receive from their involvement. The Collaborative is jointly owned by all participating state agencies and meets bi-monthly.