Interactive Disease Data

Overview of Available Data

The interactive disease data dashboard above displays data on diseases and events reported to the Tennessee Department of Health
(TDH), Division of Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness (CEDEP). The dashboard may be used to view data at the state or
county/regional level over multiple years.

Data are made available for selected diseases reported since 1995. Additional data or data elements may be requested by emailing or calling CEDEP at
1-800-404-3006. For information on the current list of all reportable diseases and events in Tennessee, please visit

Other Tidbits

Rates of disease (the number of diseases reported per 100,000 population) were calculated using population projections provided
the TDH Division of Policy, Planning, and Assessment. For more information on health statistics, please visit

 Eighty-nine county health departments operated by the TDH are grouped into 7 administrative regions. Six metropolitan areas and the county they are located within provide
service under contract from the TDH. For a map of metropolitan counties and regional health jurisdictions, please visit

Definitions and Data Limitations

Only selected reportable disease and events are available on the dashboard.

Some records are missing County or Region of residence.

Some diseases and events were not reportable during all years present in the data.

Data for most diseases reported among residents of the Northeast Region are missing from 2002 and 2003.

Case definitions and surveillance methods often change, which can produce artificial fluctuations in the number of diseases reported. Case definitions for nationally notifiable conditions are available to view at

Case counts for La Crosse neuroinvasive disease within these data were aggregated with other California serogroup viruses up through 2014. 

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