Asbestos Program

Asbestos Program

Asbestos Accreditation Requirements

Tennessee Rule Chapter 1200-01-20 Asbestos Accreditation Requirements became effective June 23, 2009 for training providers, training courses, firms and asbestos professionals in Tennessee.  Asbestos accreditation application forms are submitted to the Toxic Substances Program.

Searchable Asbestos Professional Database

Access our searchable database below of asbestos accredited  training providers, firms, and individuals with current accreditation to conduct asbestos activities in the State of Tennessee.

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

AHERA is a federal statute enacted in 1986 requiring local education agencies (LEAs) to inspect their schools for asbestos-containing building materials and to prepare management plans to assist in the prevention or reduction of asbestos hazards.

The Toxic Substances Program conducts compliance monitoring inspections at LEAs throughout the State of Tennessee.  Visit the U.S. EPA Federal AHERA Program website for helpful information regarding the Environmental Health Program for Schools. Additionally, to find out more information about Tennessee AHERA inspections, visit the TN Department of Education website.


Asbestos Accreditation Inquiries

Grace Buchanan 
1-877-252-2694 / 615-532-0809

Jackie Manuel

Asbestos AHERA Inquiries

EPA Region 4
Donnette Sturdivant

Related Information

Lead-Based Paint Abatement Rule Change

The Division of Solid Waste Management’s amendment to the notification requirements of Rule 1200-01-18-.01, Lead-Based Paint Abatement, were filed with the Secretary of State July 6, 2020. The amendment, which will change the notification of lead-based paint activity from fifteen days to five business days, will become effective October 4, 2020. The pending changes and additional rulemaking package information are accessible on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website:

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