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Can I see your asbestos card please?


Asbestos accreditation cards must always be present at the work site.

Las tarjetas de acreditación de amianto deben estar siempre presentes en el lugar de trabajo.

The Asbestos Accreditation Requirements are applicable to all persons and firms who perform asbestos activities in schools or public and commercial buildings, as well as training providers who offer asbestos training courses to individuals who have or seek accreditation in Tennessee.

These Rules stipulate that only accredited persons shall perform asbestos activities inclusive of developing management plans in schools, project designs, conducting response actions, inspections, and collecting clearance air samples to confirm the completion of a response action involving friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials and asbestos-containing building materials in schools or public and commercial buildings.

Asbestos Accreditation Applications

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Accredited Asbestos Professionals

Searchable Database of Accredited Training Providers, Firms and Asbestos Professionals in Tennessee 

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