Notification of Lead Paint Activities

Newly Revised Notification Form for Lead-based Paint Activities in the State of Tennessee

In November 2018, the State of Tennessee Lead Hazard Program implemented the use of a new Lead-based Paint Activity Notification form (CN-1329) for lead-based paint activities conducted in Tennessee.

The new Notification form is an electronic, fillable form. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher installed on your computer to use the fillable form. This is a free software. Alternatively, you may print and manually complete the form for each project notification.

To submit a Notification to the Lead Hazard Program using the new fillable form, follow these steps:

  1. Download new Notification form to your computer: Form N Notification of Lead-Based Paint Activity (CN-1329);
  2. Save the downloaded form as a “NOTIFICATION TEMPLATE” to use for all of your future abatement projects;
  3. Open the “NOTIFICATION TEMPLATE” you previously saved to your computer;
  4. Rename the file by clicking File > Save As > and create the new filename using the project address that applies to the Notification you are preparing to submit (for example, your project located 1234 Main St. should be named 1234MainStNotify.pdf);
  5. Before you begin entering your project information onto the form, click the “Reset All” button located in the top right corner of the notification form. You should hit the reset all button each time you begin a new project to clear any information you may have accidentally saved from a previous Notification;
  6. Enter in your project information;
  7. After entering all required information, save the Notification form again to your computer (File > Save); and,
  8. Print a copy of the completed form, and sign and date section 6 (Certification and Signature). You are now ready to submit the completed Notification form to the LBP Program by one of the following methods:
    Scan and email to
    Fax to 615-532-0886
    Mail to:
    TDEC DSWM Toxic Substances Program
    312 Rosa L Parks Avenue, 14th Floor
    Nashville, TN 37243.


Please discard any previous versions of the LBP Notification form and ensure you use the Lead-based Paint Activity Notification Form, CN-1329 (Rev. 10 -18). Previous versions of the LBP Notification form are no longer valid. Any notifications received on older forms will be deemed as ‘non-submittal’ and not in compliance with the LEAD-BASED PAINT ABATEMENT Rule:

1200-1-18-.01 (8) Work Practice Standards for Conducting Lead-Based Paint Activities: Target Housing and Child-Occupied Facilities: [40 CFR 745.227].

(e)       Abatement.

4.         Notification of the Commencement of Lead-Based Paint Abatement Activities in a residential dwelling or child-occupied facility or as a result of a Federal, State or local order shall be submitted to the Division on forms provided by the Division, at least five (5) days before the beginning of abatement activities. A copy of the Inspection Report described in part (b)4 of this paragraph or the Risk Assessment report described in part (d) 11 of this paragraph, shall be included with the Notification sent to the Division.


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