SRF Cloud Document Portal

The SRF is excited to announce a new TN Cloud portal for document delivery. We have created this on-line portal to simplify and streamline the document delivery process. If you are a loan applicant or a current loan recipient, you should submit material to the SRF using this digital transfer system. Any document, reimbursement request, report, or plan can be uploaded to the site for immediate delivery to the SRF.

To submit your documents to the SRF TN Cloud portal using the password SRF, follow the directions below.

1.     Name each document using the format CWorDW_CityorUDname_ Documents/currentyear.

    For example: CW_RiverdaleUD_FacilitiesPlan_2020.doc or CW_RiverdaleUD_SewerUseOrdinance_2020.doc or


2.     Before uploading your documents, the files must be compressed to a .ZIP file.  To achieve this, first create a single folder using the community name and the date as the folder name.  Save all the documents into the single folder you just created.  To compress the folder: right click on the folder, select “send to” in the drop down menu, and then click “compressed (zipped) folder”.

3.     Submit your zipped folder HERE

4.     Enter the password: srf

5.     Drag and drop the file onto the website screen.

6.     A record of the file that has been successfully uploaded will be listed at the bottom of page.  You will not receive a confirmation email; however the screen may still show "pending" at the top.

7.     After your documents are submitted, contact with any questions.

This Page Last Updated: August 11, 2020 at 4:05 PM